Have you ever felt like you were waiting for something, but didn’t know what? You just had that feeling of anticipation, but there was nothing really to look forward to? I feel like that.

Everyone has those moments at some point in time , “is this seriously all that life is? I feel like my life is made up of work and survival…and for what?” I’m not really having one of those moments, per se. But I am having this moment: I have so many other things that are worth my time than this or that and I can’t invest anything into those things because of responsibilities and commitments and bills and LIFE. Wah Wah Wah, I’m having a whiney moment.

I know life changes. I know people grow and lives evolve and change and become different. New responsibilities, new commitments, new jobs, new relationships….I guess I’m just ready for that next change. So much of me wants to hold on to those things that make me smile…so many good memories. But things have changed and it’s only going to become more difficult to incorporate those things into my life as it continues to change and grow, some relationships just have no future. I want to hold on to the things that are worth holding on to, invest time into them, baby them and keep them close to my heart. But I truly am ready for that next chapter.

So I am anticipating. 24, a family, the holidays, strengthening of friendships, growth in my marriage. Because, even when life feels like it’s really not that great? It’s really freakin’ great.