Things I love about Brad and Marriage:

  • We have the same beliefs about God, family, religion, commitment, and politics…which are all related…and he agrees.
  • He makes me coffee each morning.
  • The fact that he doesn’t even like the smell of coffee, and yet, coffee every morning.
  • He loves my family.
  • He is compassionate.
  • He thinks my friends are great and loves to hang out with them.
  • He likes sports, but is not a “jock”.
  • He wears DC’s and Converse, and looks hot doing so.
  • He wants babies, and wouldn’t mind having twins (this is a SUPER plus).
  • He encourages my writing.
  • He thinks I need alone time with my best girlfriends.
  • His hobby is fishing with my dad or golfing with the men from church.
  • He likes my hair straight, long, curly, short, highlighted, colored, natural…He pretty much just likes my hair however I like it.
  • He doesn’t yell at me. But he puts me in my place if necessary.
  • He admits to messing up, and promptly apologizes. Not only does he apologize, but he actually tries to fix it…and succeeds.
  • He plays an instrument, sings, coaches football, and is a school teacher. Hello Mr. Well-Rounded.
  • And then there are the things that I can’t even say that I love about him because they are things that are for me only.

But I will say that he is an answer to every prayer I have ever sent up about a spouse and what I desire. I could not have been given a better match to spend my life with. He is everything to me, he is more than I dreamed. Things that I didn’t even realize mattered to me…he has ’em. I cannot wait to see how our life shapes up together. I cannot wait to see our curly headed babies. And I look towards our future with a sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face.

Good News! I got accepted for the spring. I have enough math and english courses that I will not have to take anymore, I will immediately begin courses in my major. 🙂 I meet with my advisor next week and I’m looking forward to it.