I have discovered just how very much I love Facebook. There are so many people on there I get to keep in contact with that I wouldn’t normally be able to. I have people from middle school, from my church back in Maryland, my old church from Garner, family members, co-workers, and my new most favorite Facebook friend? My mother-in-law. How cool is it that my MIL has a Facebook?

Since Brad and I had such a short dating relationship and also have not been married that long, we are still getting to know each others families. Brad and I know we love each other, and we know that we are who each other wants for the long run…but the fun part has been trying to convince everyone else. Regardless, we are happy. But it’s kinda nice to have the support of those around you, ya know? Well his parents have been great in that aspect. But I am still getting to know them, getting to know their humor and their emotions and how they feel about things and what they expect and all of that good stuff. Because of how busy our lives are, it’s been difficult to really spend a lot of time with them. We have dinner here and there and spend an hour or two together, but what can that really show me about them? Facebook has opened an entirely new door to my relationship with her, and I’m so excited. It is certainly no replacement for the relationship that I hope to have with her one day…one where it doesn’t take a computer screen to open up, or let down our guard; but this is a great gateway to begin growing closer and having an every day window into each others world.

We had dinner at his parent’s house on Monday to celebrate my birthday. It made me feel really special and accepted that they wanted to do something for me to celebrate my birthday. While over there we were told about a family reunion coming up. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love my family and spending time with them. We are a super close-knit family and would rather spend our time with each other than anyone else in the world. But that is how MY family works. I’m not naive enough to believe other families are that way. Therefore, I am pretty nervous about meeting his family. I’ve met his immediate family and it has gone great. I have also talked to his cousin, who I cannot wait to meet! But beyond that I don’t know much at all and I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous. I’m a pretty outgoing person, right? Wrong. For some reason over these last few years I have become shy and quiet and closed in when meeting new people and this is not a good recipe for family reunions that are not my own. It is a few weeks away, so I have plenty of time to syke myself up.

The real question…What food am I going to make for it? I mean, I gotta show these southern folks that even though I’m a northern chick, I can do it right. 😉