This last week and a half has been really kind of boring. I work for an IT department that fluctuates between eye-bleedingly-busy and puddle-of-drool slow, each day is hit or miss. I don’t really mind that type of work because busy days move very quickly and slow days allow for browsing blogs and writing in my own. Well, until last week that is.
Last week we had a virus that spread to quite a few of the organizations PC’s, maybe about a third of them. As a result our admins made some changes to prevent from browsing to a lot of different sites, they definately beefed up our security. So anyways, blogs are evidently blocked because of the content. There are some that I can still read, some that load as slowly as molasses as it is poored, and some that are blocked for “social and networking” reasons. Ha! That makes me laugh. It wouldn’t be so bad if every computer we have at home wasn’t broken for one reason or another, but that is in the process of being fixed.
So I have news. I’ve missed the internet mostly because I have news and I wanted to share. Yes, this is my sad life, thank you very much and I’m rather fond of it. On to the the news. Some friends of ours from church have a guy they know at work that needed to get rid of his dog because of some very sad circumstances. They jokingly asked us if we were looking for a dog, and ironically it had recently become a hot topic for us. Plans were made and we arranged to get him on Saturday. Anyways, I want to introduce you to Hank. He is our brand new 7 year old golden retriever who has become the highlight of mine and Brad’s evenings. He is such a sweetie and is so good. Brad and I have talked about what a good decision it was to get him because we don’t think we could have picked a better dog for us. This dog is every homebody’s dream. Love.

hank 017

Life continues to be good and I continue to be happy. I was looking at wedding pictures today and thinking about how proud I am to have such an amazing man to stand beside and how proud I am to have his last name. Looking at them gave me a fresh feeling of full out “crazy in love”. It just reminds me that it’s the little things. It’s easy to get comfortable and forget that the person you love needs to know how much you love them on a regular basis, because it’s easy to think that they already know. But I love my husband…my Brad, and I told him so. I think it made him happy, and so I’m happy too.
hank 005

Life is good, with my two boys.