Well, what a weekend that was. I do not like Monday mornings, but I can tell you that I was fairly ready for this one to begin. There were a lot of good things this weekend, but all around I just laid down last night feeling disappointed and I figured the quickest way to remedy a bad weekend is to get through another week and hope for a better one this go ’round.

Friday night we had some friends over to have dessert and watch a movie. We ditched the movie and played Sequence instead. Two of our other friends showed up with their new babies (a bumblebee and a pumpkin) after a failed attempt at trick-or-treating. We had a good time and I got to hold babies and feed babies and kiss babies, and we all know how much I love to do that.

Saturday isn’t worth talking much about. There was a short period of time that was enjoyable that day, we celebrated Brad’s brother’s birthday and spent some time over there. Oh and, more babies. The last time I held this particular baby, she was newborn, like a week old or so. And she pooped on me. She only spit up on me this time. I wish I had pictures from that night, I haven’t had time to upload them though. Brad and I did a home remedy moisture treatment on our hair and took some silly pictures, that was some good fun that lasted for a bit.

Sunday morning was nice because the clocks changed, so I got to sleep in for an extra hour before getting up for church. We had lunch at my parents house afterwards and I made some jalapeno cheddar corn bread for a hayride we were supposed to go to that afternoon. About 15 minutes before leaving for the hayride, Brad got a call from a friend offering us free tickets to the Hurricanes vs. Mapleleafs hockey game. I left my corn bread with my mom to take to the hayride, and we went about the task of finding someone to go with us. We didn’t find anyone and ended up going just the two of us. It was a fun time and such a great game. The Hurricanes won, but it was a fairly close game. I tried to take some good pictures to send to the author of one of the blogs I frequent (she lives in Canada and her brother plays hockey), but alas, my phone camera sucks. We left and got ice cream at Goodberry’s and it was delicious.

Even though this weekend had some great highlights that I wouldn’t take back, I’m looking forward to next weekend. I’m staking claims on it being lovely, and relaxing. Shame though, my grandparents are coming into town and I totally had already made plans to go to a concert and attend a birthday party on Saturday. Yikes. That’s what happens when you have 3 important families in your life that deserve a solid commitment.