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So I’ve really been wanting to shout from the roof tops, yell with excitement, and convince everyone who doesn’t already know…that Jesus Christ offers pretty much the most amazing life changing relationship ever.

It’s really kind of funny. I’m not a person who likes confrontation. I always shy away from debate. I do not like my words and actions being brought into question if they do not effect you in anyway, etc. But basically everyone in my life, aside from people at church, is 100% against God. I have basically surrounded myself with people that have the potential to make me go so completely outside of my comfort zone that it’s not even funny. But I eat up every second of it. Why?

Because even though not a single one of them believes what I believe in the slightest bit, my life is testament that He exists. They have seen me at my worst and they have seen me at my best, and even they will tell you that my life at its best includes good ‘ol JC being in it. I even had one of those friends tell me that if she had to decide whether or not she believed in God and what the Bible teaches based soley on my experiences, than she would believe too-that she couldn’t blame me.

I know this pretty much goes against the entire purpose of Christianity, but I haven’t liked talking about God with people because I understand how crazy it sounds to be talking about the Holy Spirit, and some invisible God blessing me because I make the “right” decision, and singing songs to God, and raising my hands and worshipping. I really do get how weird all of that sounds. But I guess people don’t really understand it until it’s clicked…the lightbulb moment…everything all of a sudden makes sense.

I’m writing this now because I’m tired of saying I’m not ashamed, but acting like I am. There are people that I will talk about God with and there are people that I will not…and I just don’t want that to be the case anymore. I want to feel free to talk about what I believe with every single person that I cross paths with. And this is my first step in acting out in boldness. So just so you know, I believe that Jesus Christ has changed my life…and I believe 100% that He can change yours too.

I guess what has spurred this on is everything going on with the election and feeling like I can’t express my opinions and how I feel about everything. Another pretty big contributor is the heartache that I see people around me going through with relationships and with life…I wish I could just tell them that if they would give an ounce of belief and trust to God, that He would prove Himself. I wanna say to them, “Do you think I’m this happy and this successful because of my own abilities and my own strength? Do you forget the Stephanie that I used to be? I am who I am, not because of me…but because of Him.”

So yeah, I’m saying it. And I plan to say it a lot more often and a lot more boldly.