My wonderful husband broke out his “Awesome Card” on Monday night. After a frustrating weekend and just all around blah-ness, I drove up to see him standing outside of our front door. He asked me (ie. forced me) to close my eyes and guided me by hand into the house. On the kitchen table was a bouquet of gorgeous fall colored flowers, a 4 pack of my favorite Starbucks Frapps, and some freshly baked turtle cookies. Oh and a steak, broccoli with cheese and some mashed potatoes. Even after such a crappy few days, he got a big smile out of me. I’m not sure why, but I even felt relieved; it was like my cue to relax. Also, when I got home on Wednesday night he presented me with a necklace that he had made me on a field trip with his students that day. He thought I would think it was cheesy, but it was the first thing any guy has ever made me and it was special; I even wore it to church that night.
The most I will comment on the events of the election, I hoped it wouldn’t happen, but I was not naive enough to not know that it would happen. I was only responsible for my own vote, and I made sure I actually submitted one this year. I’m 24 years old and it was my first year voting ever…that says a lot.
It has rained a lot this week and I’m so glad for sunlight today. The fun part is that now that the time has changed, it’s slightly dark when I come in and slightly dark when I leave. At least once I’m back working at home I’ll be able to enjoy lunch outside and what not. It just feels like lately my candles have been short, meaning my light burns out quickly, my high points and exciting events are short lived. I’m ready for a long candle. Like a candle that would burn for at least 9 months, if you know what I mean. Also, I’m feeling frustrated with relationships lately; I feel disappointed and I feel like a disappointment. I guess I just wish that love and friendship was simple, easy. And I’m not even going to follow that up with, “but at least it’s worth it”…because right now that is not how it feels. Things always change though, so I’m not putting much thought and energy into everything. I remember winter time last year, I had a major bout of seasonal depression. I was hoping that with all of the good things in my life this time around, it wouldn’t happen this year. I’m still optimistic, but somewhat less.
It’s been a lot of fun for me lately trying to compose a blog every single day. It’s forcing me to think, be creative, pull from places that aren’t comfortable and mold and shape it into something that is comfortable and half way presentable. It’s taken me a long time to realize how much I enjoy writing and also to decide that it’s worth developing. I have Brad to thank for that last part…he encourages my writing and is convinced I am good at it. Well, I don’t think I’m any better than the next person at it, but I’d love to develop my average skills into something more. So thanks for reading, it’s encouraging and a reason to keep working at it.