I have had nothing to write about lately, most likely because I have been putting my efforts towards other projects.

When Brad and I first started marriage counseling we were given a book to read. It gave 10 things to do each year to help keep things in a healthy perspective and some great suggestions for keeping the relationship alive and thriving. One of the suggestions was to keep a daily account of activities and at the end of the year, or on your anniversary, go through and make a list of the top 10 highlights of the year. I started our daily account on June 9th, in a 5 subject notebook. My purpose was not only to be able to make a top 10 each year, but for our children to see how our relationship has grown since even before we were married and the different things their mom and dad did every day. I was going strong for a very long time and was enjoying it, but recently it has been such a chore to actually write out our activities. I figured with the¬†possibility of damage over the years, and WordPress having the capability to make things password protected, I am going to start typing up our activities each day instead of keeping the notebook. It will make archiving much easier and just all around make it fun again. So that has been my project, typing up each day since June 9th. I am caught up to September 18th and slowly trucking along. It’s been fun recounting some of the events that we have had and reading back I have been able to insert some really great memories that I hadn’t thought would be worthwhile the first time around. I really hope my kids enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

I have been “sick as a dog” since Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30ish. I worked half days on Thursday and on Friday hoping that the little bit of time off would be enough to get me well…no such luck. My grandparents were in town this weekend too, so that made things really difficult having to choose between visiting with them and forcing myself to stay in bed and get rest. I would say that I balanced the two fairly well though. If I’m not well by tomorrow morning I’ve discussed coming in and working on campus to go to the Employee Clinic that we have and possibly getting some antibiotics. Brad has been great though, letting me rest up and getting me medicine and soup and really just being by my side has been the best part.
Under the circumstances, today I am feeling really great. A lady at church yesterday gave me some very encouraging words and today everything feels right with the world. I’m so thankful for the awesome people that I have in my life to give encouragement and words of wisdom and have become so dependable when life hands me lemons. Alls I know is that Lynn can make some awesome lemonade.

Speaking of being thankful…Thanksgiving is this next week (early bird catches the worm?). Brad has some time off work and I have Thanksgiving itself off. My mom is cooking dinner and it will be my first Thanksgiving with Brad. This year has brought so many blessings for me…I have so much to be thankful for.