*Update: And now, as of 2:15 in the afternoon, it is snowing heavily*


My coffee intake has increased. My clothing layers have doubled and sometimes tripled. The heat is on in my house. I have perma-socks.
One thing is for sure…it is getting cold.

I love cold weather, and not so much the summer heat. Cold weather means layers of clothes, snuggling for warmth, and holidays. This winter I’m not alone. There is no seasonal depression. There is no waiting, wishing, and wanting for me this winter….the only thing I wait for is home by 4….he is my wish come true…and he’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

This morning I got up to take Hank out. I was cold as it was having just crawled out from under the warm covers and I could feel a breeze when I walked into my kitchen. You see, we hadn’t turned our heat on yet. I put my beanie on, a thin jacket, a scarf, jogging pants over my pajama pants, and my winter jacket. I did not have a pair of matching socks, so I just picked 2 different socks and put my shoes on. I was all bundled up and ready to go…and so was Hank. I put his leash on and walked outside and the wind hit my face like a brick wall. Tears showed up out of nowhere and became freeze dried to my face. I had to turn my back to the gusts of wind because it was blowing my hat off of my head. Where the heck did this weather come from?

Now keep in mind, I live in the South. We have decent weather for quite a few months out of the year. On the news yesterday, the weather lady reported that we will be experiencing January temps in November. January and February are our coldest months….and it’s November….but it feels like January….And so I ask myself, Self? What does this mean for January??

It shouldn’t be that big of a deal, I mean I AM from Maryland and all. But here’s the thing, I have now been in the South for 10 1/2 years. I was just shy of 14 when we moved here and I am now 24. I say ya’ll, call people ‘Bo’, and when needing the light turned off sometimes I ask them to “hit the light”. I know my roots, and I remember snowy days and spending hours sledding down the rolling hills of Mt. Airy, Maryland. But I also know that in 3 1/2 years, half of my life will have been spent in the South. And as a matter of fact, the better half of my life will have been spent in the South. So I’m cold. And it’s only November.