So as you all know we got a dog. He has been a total and complete dream.

Up until today.

I get to work from home for 4 weeks at a time before doing 2 weeks back on campus, and then back home for 4. The first week we had Hank I was working on campus. We were told that because of his age he did not need to be crated and was well potty trained. And lo and behold, he was. No accidents or anything the whole time I was working from campus. I’ve been back home for 2 weeks now, and still doing good and with no reason to suspect anything would change.

We do not let Hank get on ANY of our furniture at all, so at night he sleeps next to our bed on the floor on an old comforter. Sometimes he will drool and there will be a small puddle of slobber. Well, today during my lunch break I walked downstairs to make my lunch. I’m walking through my living room and happen to notice a large wet spot on my wonderful, new, still paying for it, microfiber love seat. Umm. So I put a few fingers on it and sniff (eww, I know) and it’s not a strong scent at all. Sure, there is some smell to it, but nothing smelling of strong urine or any other…substance.

I am puzzled. And I do not know if it is justifiable for me to be angry, seeing as I don’t even know if it is pee or not. Either way? Gross. And, dangit! My brand new chocolate microfiber reclining love seat 😦 And, it’s on my side of the love seat and not Brad’s! Wah.

Anyways, we all know how much I love to complain and say that I don’t like to complain. But really, I don’t like to complain. So in the spirit of looking at things from a positive perspective instead of a negative one, and trying to find the good in ALL things….insurance is a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Putting aside positive or negative anything though, what am I supposed to do for those two weeks that I’m back on campus? Especially since we’ll be getting a new couch. Right now I have him in the guest bedroom with me and the door closed, his duck and bone and dog bed happily accessible to him. But umm, is it really fair for him to have to be locked up while we are gone? Poor guy has had access to the whole house for as long as we’ve had him and we have never locked him in anywhere…I just don’t know what else to do at this point. The couch can only be replaced so many times and I refuse to cover it, allowing my first set of brand new furniture to be overtaken by an animal.

So yeah, suggestions welcome.