So I had planned to try and compose a post on the inability to accurately describe the feelings of love and compassion. And then my morning went and got all emotional on me and I have nothing left for that type of post.
So instead, pictures! Pictures are good, they freeze happy moments and then those happy moments all of a sudden become reliveable. So yes, pictures.
This past weekend (yeah, I realize it’s already now THIS weekend, but I’m kinda busy, okay?) my friend and photographer, Jordan, gave me the pictures from mine and Brad’s rehearsal dinner. And they are really kind of awesome to look at. Our rehearsal dinner was great. My matron of honor and his best man (husband and wife) hosted our rehearsal dinner. Actually, my matron of honor kind of made at least 80% of my wedding possible. The luau was supposed to be outside at her house, and with all the decorations it was sure to feel like we were on a private island. However, just like our wedding, rain spoiled things a bit. So we moved it to the Civitan and had an inside private island luau. There was tons of food, friends, family, laughs, decorations, music, and dancing. So enjoy some photos…

The happy couple

Never under estimate her.

Hah! No shame…


last one…

And next. I talked about snow the other day, and how cold it is here. Today makes the second time that it has snowed in our area, just this week. None is sticking, because the ground is still not cold enough…but it still has a way of setting the mood for winter. It feels lovely.

snow 002

snow 011

I also believe that I talked about my husband putting mayonnaise in my hair to moisturize the other night, but cannot find which entry it was in. He is such a fun and awesome husband that he did it with me, and black mail was captured.

best husband ever.

Okay, so that’s all. I’m not feeling well today and I’m trying to wrap my head around some things and make a decision. So much for Friday’s being my favorite day of the week….