Blogging seems impossible to me on this incredibly boring day. [No lie, as soon as I finished the first line of this blog, the phone rang back to back for at least 3 calls…hate.]

What I was about to start typing before my phone actually started ringing is that even slow days do not leave me free to do other things. As soon as I start any other activity the phones begin to ring*. Both Brad and my mom suggested that I read a book, and I shot down the suggestion for that very reason. I begin reading, get interested in the pages, and BAM…busy.

I’ve began composing at least 3 blogs today, each one of them I gave up on because it seems like more of a chore today than a hobby. But this one I will finish and I will post, because I need to DO SOMETHING.
My brother is coming into town late tonight. He is bringing his black lab and we can’t wait for Hank to meet his cousin, Belle. I’m so glad for tomorrow off, and for dinner with my family and some friends. I’m also glad for being able to sleep in with my husband for the first time in, what feels like, forever. [ring ring] As I said in my post the other day, I miss my brother and cannot wait to spend some time with him over these next few days.

I work again on Friday, 7am. If today is as miserably slow as it is, Friday is going to feel a bit like what I imagine hell would be like if it were my destination. Luckily hell only exists on earth for me, makes heaven seem even more glorious. [ring ring, and again, see? busy.] I do not know what I am doing on Saturday yet. Something with my brother I’m sure, since he is in town. Sunday is going to be an awesome dinner at the in-laws house. My family is coming too, and I’m so excited. My SIL and I have been talking via text messaging and I think we have made plans to spend New Years with them. I recall talking recently about my desire to be closer (regarding relationship) with Brad’s family, and WAH LAH! doors are opening.

I just need to stop while I’m ahead. I’m so bored, and desperate for something to do, but my brain is mush. I could continue babbling on with useless information, but for what? I’m entertaining no one but myself in that case, and I’m not about that on my public blog. So, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I hope you enjoy time with your families and that your bellies remain full for the length of Turkey Day. Peace and Turkey Grease.

*I feel like I need to clarify now…painting my nails is easy to do even when the phone rings because I have a hands-free head set.