Today hasn’t been so bad numbers wise I guess. We’ve had just enough calls to where I’m not bored, but not slammed. Things are kind of slowing down right now though and I’m wondering if the last 3 hours of my shift are going to be brutal or not. Oh well, it’s not like I have a choice on whether or not to be here, I will make the best of it.

When I get off work today, I am going to go walk the dogs that I am taking care of and go shopping for our first Christmas tree. Brad and I talked about a Christmas tree and we thought we didn’t want one, but we have seen so many smaller Christmas trees for sale that we decided to just put one up. It’s our first Christmas together after all and we decided now is the best time to begin our own traditions. So mom and I decided to go to Big Lots and WalMart and see what we could find. I have some stuff left over from my previous life (haha) and we will go through that and then get some other things.

Christmas is going to be wonderful this year. I will get to see my family in Maryland and spend some time up there with them and I am really looking forward to that. As I get older I think I appreciate the relationship that I have with my family and cousins a whole lot more because I see that what our family has is truly special and not at all common. And look at me going ahead and skipping to Christmas when we are only a day past Thanksgiving, which I hardly even wrote about. Okay okay, Thanksgiving was good. It unfortunately lacked the luster of most other years. I dont know why, I was still pleased with it and enjoyed the time with my family…it just felt…dreadfully like a normal day. I think maybe the fact that I had to work today possibly ruined my ability to enjoy the day. It feels like everyone has off today except me.

Okay, that’s enough negativity for me! I get to go out with my mom today and begin a new tradition of decorating Brad and I’s house together. I get to have dinner and watch movies with my family tonight. I get to sleep in with my husband tomorrow and spend the entire day with him and my family and then tomorrow night, 2 of my favorite people are coming over to have a few laughs and make some memories. The thing that I am looking forward to most though is Sunday and getting to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner with my new family. My parents are coming with us and both of my sister in law’s have family coming too. It will be a house full of family, and that is something that I just cannot resist.