It will probably be a little picture heavy today. My words have run short after an almost 2,000 word post yesterday, forgive me.

The holidays were awesome. We spent a lot of time with my brother. Belle (my brother’s black lab) and Hank (our golden retriever) got to meet. They kind of didn’t like each other at all, but grew to tolerate each other at least. Belle is still young and playful and Hank is just old and laid back, not a good mixture. My brother totally fell in love with Hank though and loves his nephew tons, even though he does call Hank a crotchety old man.

steph's 031

steph's 022

steph2 021

Brad and I enjoyed our first holiday together and we can’t wait till Christmas. When I look at this picture my heart flutters because, man I love my husband! That smile, and those eyes! He’s just so awesome!


We went to Brad’s parent’s house on Sunday for dinner. Unfortunately Neal and Kara could not make it, but Lee and Melissa were there. I got to play with the boys (That is all there is in that family…boys boys boys. That’s for another post though.) and hang out with his family and my parents came and it was a lot of fun. I definitely needed that this Thanksgiving.

Will, Robbie, Joshua

Dad, Mom, Brad

So anyways, we broke out the Christmas stuff at our house and at Mom and Dad’s house too. Mom found a book that my Grandmother gave her back in 1988. My grandmother was not exactly the most sentimental woman you could find, but she wrote this to my mom. Mom said she reads it every single year and she can’t wait to write in it for me. I love my grandmother’s words. I like that she wrote expressively and that with only a few sentences she said so much. I’d like to believe that my grandmother had a love and a gift for writing, and that is something that I have hopefully inherited from her. Over the next few posts I will be including some excerpts from the book that moved me when I read them.

“Christmas 1988
As I thumbed through this book, my thoughts were set before me. I found the stories and poems in this book express so much of what I have inside me. Long after I’ve gone I hope this book will be read and when it is just think of me. Love Mom”

grandma kay

I love my family. I love the holidays. I love the family heirlooms and the family secrets that have been withheld for so many years. I love discovering new things about my grandmother that I can hold on to, since physically I can’t hold on to her anymore.

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