FYI: posting will be spotty over the next week or so because I’m back to working on campus. It steals my brain when I’m there.

So my post about weight loss and motivation made it up,

I’m really very excited. There have been some great ideas put out there and it’s up to me to use them. I do know how to eat right, I know what is good for my body and what is not, and I just needed the motivation to do it.
One tool has already been put into play today. I like the idea of journaling our food intake. When I was in high school and on Weight Watchers with my mom, it was incredibly helpful to journal my meals. I just never considered using it without using Weight Watchers as well. I quickly emailed Brad and asked him if he would like to start doing that on Monday. He one-upped me and said, “why not start today?”. Okay, so sounds good to me! Already I’m seeing what I wanted to see…he and I working together to accomplish our goals together. Thank you, marriage!

I am not turning my blog into a play by play of my journey to get back on track, but I plan to address it maybe once a week. One of the blogs I read regularly has a “Hungry Monday” post each Monday (obvs.), and I think it’s tacky to copy other people’s great ideas, mostly just when they do not know you and do not know you are copying them. I plan to weigh myself one day each week first thing in the morning…depending on which day I pick will be the day I post about it. I’m going to do that embarrassing thing where I put my weight and clothing size. No better way to motivate than to embarrass first! ha!

Based on my results from last time doing this, I can drop 60-80 lbs by May/June. I just hope that I can do it as serious as I did it then. Green tea, plain coffee, water, and organic juice (occasionally)…that is my first step…no soda! no Starbucks Frapps! no fake nothin’! Next is the  habit of salad for lunch and fruit (no chips, trail-mix, and other snacky bad habits). And after that, consistency in making healthy dinners. It is a waste of money if we just cook healthy for one meal and then binge for a week. And the last goal is to engage in some cardio exercise. There has been a craze of Sundry-Motivated video workouts, but I have always been so embarrassed to do them, even when my mom did them when I was a kid. Maybe start slow and walk 3 times a week? I don’t know. Brad would love to join a gym, but in the past when I’ve done that I lose my drive fairly quickly. But either way, we have to do this, no choice in the matter.

The fun part will be making this into a challenge that is fun and accomplish-able. Setting goals that cannot be obtained is the quickest way for a flame to fizzle out…

Thanks for joining me on this journey…