Working from campus has become difficult for me. I can’t even imagine having to do this every single day of every single week anymore. Traffic is unbelievable and the source of major headaches, and at least 2 hours of my day are now wasted because of it.

I work in the IT department of a hospital that is constantly trying to move up in the business. We strive for awards, certifications, status, etc. After 6 months of relentless begging, my boss has finally agreed to let us work from home on the condition that we rotate being on campus, 2 weeks on for every month off. Now, the reason we have to be back on campus is because for each new employee, or job transfer, an “access code form” has to be filled out. Because we are a hospital we have to be careful about who gets access to what, for patient safety and confidentiality. This is all understandable and makes perfect sense. Except for the part that we are a constantly growing hospital who strives to be at the front of the industry, using the newest and greatest. My question is, why do we still have PAPER forms? Why are we still being faxed paper forms that have to be received on paper? We have electronic signatures. We have email accounts for each employee. We have scanners. Why do I have to be back on campus for 2 weeks because we have upgraded every aspect of our business, including nurses charting electronically, x-ray images no longer being printed but burned onto discs and viewed on intranet sites….why is access still being requested by paper?

Enough of that. Working on campus has also proves to be difficult for my dog. The first 2 weeks that we had him I worked from campus. He did fine, great even. It was all he was used to, and he knew no different. Now that I have spent a whole month home, these 2 weeks have become torture for him. All of a sudden my calm, laid back, non-problem-child 7 year old retriever has become…a problem. We have to be careful not to leave any mail or receipts or basically anything paper within reach of him, because he will tear it up. This is difficult, given his size. He can reach the table, he can reach the coffee table and end tables, and worse than either of those….he can reach the trash can. Hank is funny about his nose touching anything. If a door is cracked, he will not push it open, etc. Since  our trash can has a lid, I didn’t think it would be a problem that it isn’t tall. His phobia of things touching his nose appears to be trumped by his desire to chew all things paper to get back at his owners for leaving him home alone.

I feel bad for the boy, I really do. We make sure all 3 of his ducks and his bone are downstairs for him to play with/chew on, and sometimes we leave the TV and lights on for him too. He has done this 3 times now. When we get home, he feels incredibly bad for what he has done and when we try and show him his mess, he will not even look at it.

The fix for the issue is to give him no other option than his bone, and I’m okay with that. Throwing away excess mail and taking out the trash before it gets too high, all very good habits to get into. I’m just concerned that when we nip this bad habit in the bud, he will start one that is a bigger problem. My brother’s lab started using the bathroom on his rug to “get back at him”. I would just hate for Hank to start doing that on the next 2 week run.

So the best solution in the long run? Electronic Access Code Forms. ha!


***update: don’t even get me started on what Brad came home to….***