I know I said I wasn’t going to turn my blog into a play-by-play of my weight loss journey, and I’m not. I also realize that last night I wrote about food and journey-related jibber jabber. But you see, this morning I weighed myself.

It’s Wednesday, and since Monday I have lost 4 lbs. That’s 2 lbs a day so far. I’m really rather excited (still, cause I know I’ve said that a few times now). And as of this morning, Brad has lost 6! We are on a roll 🙂

Here is what I can’t wait for…

  • I have an entire bin of size 14 and 16 jeans and pants in my guest bedroom closet. I’m grateful flare legged pants have not gone out of style.
  • My face being the shape it is supposed to be.
  • Not having a double chin when I am smiling, or not smiling.
  • Walking up my townhouse stairs and not losing my breath.
  • Not being self-conscious clapping at church, because of my arms.
  • My husband being able to lift me.
  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.
  • The indentations on my cheeks when I smile to look similar to dimples, and not fat lines.
  • The ability to see my high intense cheek bones that I inherited from Grandma Kay.
  • Energy.
  • My body having a shape that could be described by any other adjective besides”round”.
  • No more pancake booty.

And finally…to feel like ME for once, and not like the happy, outgoing, beautiful girl that is trapped inside of a fat suit. I get to be the happy, outgoing, beautiful girl inside AND out.

*Alright, so I get to work this morning and there is a bucket sitting on my desk from a coworker thanking us for all we do and it says, Merry Christmas (of course). It is filled with chocolate fudge. The reason I know I need to stick with this diet? Because I literally have anxiety over wanting a piece of fudge and knowing I cannot. ANXIETY. MY HEART IS BEATING FAST.
Don’t look at me. I’m so ashamed. This is so pitiful, so angrifyingly pitiful.