Down 6 lbs.

My mom is afraid I’m getting jipped for Christmas, because I got married. (The pile of gifts from her are for “us” and she doesn’t have anything “just for me”, and she just got her last pay check.)

Maryland next week, I’m aching to see my family.

I just want our credit cards paid off.

I’m applying for a secretarial job for Case Management. I’m excited because that’s the field I want to be in. I’m nervous as all get out, because I’ve been at this job for 4 years. And I’m scared, because that means no more working at home.

Best husband ever. He has taken my car 2 days in a row. The first day to take care of my registration, and the second to get an oil change for me.  And he just bought me the phone I’ve been pining over.
My hair is stringy, and straight, and curly and puffy, and I need a haircut!  (Tomorrow, 4pm)
The Christmas program is this Sunday. Brad has a solo. He would rather go straight from Saturday to Monday and never skip a beat.

Our December schedule is so full that we are making plans in January already. The overage of plans is so great that, even January is filling up. But life is so good.

My brain is so scattered that I couldn’t even begin to imagine composing a well thought out post, so instead, welcome to the Random Thoughts Show.

Everyone is having babies and turning up pregnant. I have 2 cousins that just had babies. A girl I knew from middle school is pregnant. There are 2 women (or more even) at church that are pregnant. A few of the bloggers from my blog roll just had babies. Babies are everywhere. Someone suggested I hang baby booties over my bed. Someone else suggested 9 days after my Red Week Celebration. I’m on a roll with this TMI stuff.

I read somewhere recently that blogging about blogging is both boring and lame. I’m thinking I need to reevaluate my writing topics.

And on that note….