Today is a good day, and this week was a good week. My spirits are a little higher than they were the last time I wrote and I’m glad. It’s not like me to stay down for long and 2009 proves to not have changed that so far 😉

I started my class 2 days ago and while I am a little nervous, I’m also so excited. I’ve had a lot of good experiences from doing on-line classes, and the only bad experiences I’ve had were because the instructor was…disconnected. I hope that isn’t the case this time, because the course I’m taking has a lot of good dialogue opportunities and I know I personally did not pay for this course to teach myself. I bought my book off Amazon used for a great price…if I won’t have an involved instructor than I may as well just read the literature and move on. But that is not what I want, and that won’t actually do anything for my future career or obtaining a degree.

My brother in law just got his degree for accounting and Brad was asking him advice on how to do our taxes. Seeing as we just got married and bought a house this past year, there are all types of different breaks here or there that can help. He had asked me if I was a student this past year and I quickly replied no. It’s crazy that with all of the other activity this past year I actually FORGOT that I took an entire semester (4 classes) in the spring. Hopefully as a student paying cash out of pocket, and the tax break for first time home buyers….the beginning of this year is going to start us out in a really great position.

I’m feeling optimistic today. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride and I never know how I’m going to feel from day to day. Not in a bi-polar way, but in an I’m-a-woman-and-hormones-suck kind of way. I think because of how sensative I am things affect me more extreme and I haven’t quite mastered how to “g’on and brush my shoulders off”. I know that in the past year with a lot of work, I have learned to stand up for myself and have a healthy and balanced level of selfishness. The part I still have to work at is where I don’t allow my hurt to dictate my attitude towards my family and my husband.

This is going to be a great year though. I want to complain less, appreciate more, forgive quickly, and love deeper. I plan to work on me, and to continue to build the foundation of my marriage. Brad is so easy and laid back that sometimes I get away with things that, whether he is okay with it or not, I know should not be happening (ie. attitude). It’s not right to take advantage of his personality and it’s not right to continue to leave my issues unaddressed. So, to self betterment for the benefit of those around me!