I decided to change colleges because I wanted to have courses that were transferable and would be able to get me not only a job in ministry, but also a regular paying job Monday through Friday. The only struggle that I had with that transition is that for me counseling is a passion in my heart and I feel like Jesus Christ offers the hope that people lack in desperate situations…regular colleges don’t exactly encourage that belief or offer it as a solution. While it will indeed be a challenge for me to counsel and advise without being able to bring my faith into it, it’s a welcome challenge.
I’ve mentioned before how much I like my church and what we believe. Our mission statement as a church is simple, but speaks volumes: Love God, Love others, and Serve people. We are involved with the local middle school and are trying to open more doors in the community to make a difference and help people, because that is what serving people is. We aren’t saying serve only Christians, serve the people that are nice, serve people that don’t hate God….we say serve all people and then we try and follow through.
As I’ve been doing my assignments for class it has been a wonderful revelation for me to see that the answers to my questions about how to serve the community in my field without bringing faith into it were available through what my church tries to encourage! Sure my faith is a huge part of MY life, but it’s only up to me to offer my services with a big ‘ol serving of love when it comes to settings that do not recognize my beliefs. Actions speak louder than words, and I plan to speak with volume.