Boy, have things been crazy! Or maybe I’m just tired and needing rest so it feels like the norm has stepped up a few notches into the crazy zone. Either way, shew!

Last week it snowed. It was really great seeing the white landscape and watching my dog actually do something besides laying on his side. Brad was obviously off work, but I had to work from home. This is the first time I have regretted my persistence to work from home. Once the snow has melted and I’m back to serving my 2 weeks on campus I will remember why I pushed so hard to work from home.

Anyway, Brad and I took a night walk with my parents and Hank the first night of all the snow and it was wonderful. Earlier in the evening we were talking about making snow cream and my dad said it is delicious…mom said she wouldn’t eat it because snow is dirty and Dad disagreed. The best part of the evening was when we were walking and dad was going on about how the air felt wonderful and walking after snow is the best feeling because the air was clean since the snow dropped all the impurities out of the air, and mom says simply, “that’s why I don’t eat snow cream“.

This past weekend was quick and restless and I’m hoping this week passes quickly. Friday night we had our Life Group and I had to quickly whip together some asian cousine…something I’m not accustomed to cooking. I pulled off some asian lettuce wraps nicely though. If I recall, the comparison of PF Changs came up and I was glowing with pride. Anyways, all of that was kind of over shadowed with the fact that while we were walking out the door to go to Life Group, we got a call from Brad’s brother letting us know that his mom was on her way to the hospital. Brad decided we couldn’t do anything that night to be of assistance and to just continue on our way to Life Group and that we would call for updates. We didn’t go to bed until late because, in case I haven’t mentioned this, Brad is a self proclaimed mamma’s boy and he was understandably stressed out. I was trying to be a good wife and stayed up until he fell asleep, and then I fell asleep too.

We spent a few hours at the hospital on Saturday and we came home so I could do some school work. We babysat for a few hours that night and went to bed late. I know this sounds horrible, but over the years I have come to appreciate hospital situations in relation to family. I have mentioned more than once that my family is very close. I’ve thought a lot about why that is and have come to the conclusion that it’s because we’ve had so many tragedies in our family. My own hospital stay only proved to strengthen my belief that hosptials bring people together, because the people that came to see me are people I know I will always be able to count on. While I wished that my mother in law was not in the hospital and was the picture of health, this weekend was just another opportunity to grow in my care for my new family. The hours spent in that hospital room with my family were warm, full of laughter, silliness and jokes, conversation and getting to know each other more.

I don’t know what else to say except that when I reflect on my family I realize that I have 3 really great brothers, 2 really great sisters, 3 really great nephews, 2 sets of amazing amazing amazing parents, and one incredible husband. I am so blessed. I didn’t make any new years resolutions, but one thing is for sure…I need to stop recognizing the imperfect things in my life and start focusing  on the things that are. I have too much to be grateful for to always be pointing out the things I’m not.
We are doing a Love Dare series at church. It’s been great so far. 2 Weeks ago, love is patient. Umm, still working on it. Last week, love is kind (1 act of kindness done, many more to go). And up this week? Love Dare number 3….love is not self seeking. Choose to put someone else first in a scenario. I missed the perfect opportunity to do that yesterday. It’s horrible that only 2 hours after hearing the dare and listening to the message I forgot that quickly. I plan to remedy that situation and get my mind on track.

Have a wonderful week, I KNOW I will.