If anyone can help me find my motivation, I will be indebted to you for forever. Haven’t felt like writing, haven’t felt like looking nice, haven’t really been feeling like much of a human even. This sinus infection has got me down on my big ol’ butt and I’m ready to get moving again!

We had our first Valentine’s day together. We agreed no gifts, because once our blessid* tax return is deposited we will be using that for paying every credit card off, and furniture loan as well. We’re lucky enough to still have enough to replace our broken TV and then put some away too. It’s going to be great, soon as it gets here anyway! Instead we made reservations at PF Changs in Raleigh and then went to the Brewery to support our boys from Embracing Goodbye. It was a late show, and probably my favorite performance by them yet and we came home and fell asleep pretty much immediately. I slept the absolute latest I’ve slept since we got married, we didn’t get up until 10:45! Brad made eggs and pancakes and we watched DVR’d episodes of Grey’s and American Idol. After those were over we got dressed and ready for our date in Wilmington, and started our 2 hour drive. We went to dinner at Elijah’s with my brother and his girlfriend, my parents, and some friends from Maryland that came down to visit. It was awesome. Once dinner was over we drove back home and went to bed.

I was still sick at this point, sounding like a 80 year old man with smokers cough, and I had to sing for the first time at church! I manged to find me a bargain at Cato, an incredibly cute dress for 12 dollars. I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress, aside from my wedding. So anyway, I figured if I wasn’t going to sound good I could at least look good. I got a lot of compliments on my dress, and a few on my voice (liars, those friends of mine). I felt okay about it, but I do look forward to next time when I can feel more comfortable in my skin….a less dressy outfit and a clean and clear voice!

Back to the lack of motivation, which leads me to the sinus infection. I have been on an antibiotic for 10 days now, took my last pill last night. I don’t feel as stuffy and raw as I did before, but I’m definitely back to that eww-my-cough-tastes-funny stage. I’m debating on whether or not I need to go back to the doctor or not. My coworker said it took her 3 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of hers, and others are saying it took them 6 weeks to get over it. I’m thinking I’m going to give it until Monday to see how I feel then. All I know is that this up and down weather of the South can really just go.somewhere. because I’m fed up. I don’t remember ever getting sick this often when I lived in Maryland. Trade for trade, though? I don’t miss the cold.

Back to work, and back to school I go. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to work, and didn’t care about an education. I feel like life would be a lot more enjoyable. But I’m probably wrong and I could probably find something to complain about then too, because right now that is what I feel like I’m best at.

*I have never had to spell that word before. I would assume it is spelled “blessed”, but then people read it the *other* way. So I spelled it wrong for the sake of getting my point across. That makes it okay, even for a spelling Nazi.