I am happy, and smiling. So many good things are going on right now and I wouldn’t want to complain even if I could.

I have talked about my job, and how my customers can make things difficult on a daily basis. I have worked at this company since I was 17, almost 7 years now, and 4 years in this particular department. I have had major ups and downs, my attitude has gotten me into trouble more than once, and I have questioned my future more times than I can count. But ever since I started making changes in my life, things have gotten somewhat better. When I realized who I was representing with my attitude, and who I actually wanted to be representing, things changed. I started to appreciate my customers and the fact that if I can’t do their jobs given the opportunity and I don’t understand their responsibilities, than I can’t expect them to do mine. I realized that the job I signed up for was to help people with their computer problems, and as long as I was complaining about it constantly, than I wasn’t doing my job…and my parents taught me better than that. I realized that if I was ever going to get anywhere and have any type of reputation, be it in the IT field or the counseling field, that I better get my attitude in check and start performing like the employee I desired to be. Usually changes like these are kind of small in the grande scheme of things. It doesn’t really affect anyone but yourself, you go home smiling instead of frowning, and not a whole lot changes. I’m thankful to say that the changes I made were recognized by my boss for my evaluation in October. He told me that I have grown and matured, and he has seen me develop and become more proficient at my job. He said my customers appreciate me and that he appreciates me and he is grateful for my position at this organization. That was big for me, and I was amazed that someone had actually noticed the changes. Now for the fun part. We used to have staff meetings every month, and they got a little tedious and became more of a waste of time than an actual productive event. People stopped showing up and it has been months since we last had a full staff meeting. Well, the issue was addressed and now we are all required to attend the meeting each quarter. At the end of the meeting our VP was handing out awards and reading emails he had gotten thanking various employees for their hard work. The final award he was giving out was the Star of the Quarter award and he began saying things like “This employee has worked very hard and she has improved tremendously” and I was sitting here thinking, “this sounds a lot like what Tim told me in my eval…but there is no stinkin’ way…” and next thing you know he calls my name. MY.NAME. And because I’m all tactful and stuff I bust out with a “Are you KIDDING me?!” with the biggest cow eyes you’ve seen in your life. I have pretty much been on cloud 9 since that meeting and what an incredible morale boost that has been for me. I heard that I beat out 8 other nominees. And I failed to mention that you are nominated by your peers, not your customers. Which means my coworkers think I’m worthy of an award. Boy Howdy.

The other good news is related to our AWLM (Alternative Weight Loss Method), and I’m excited to say that the ball is rolling. Because I work at a hospital and because my insurance is paid through that hospital, as long as I get the procedure done at one of our facilities than it is 100% covered, no out of pocket expenses. Hello!? Rock on. We both have our psych eval and nutrition eval scheduled and our appointment with the surgeon is on March 31st. The appointment with the surgeon is the most important to get things rolling even faster because that is when we decide which procedure we want done and begin doing the physical tests to get approved by insurance. *BIG sigh* I’m realizing that this is a lot like my brain surgery….huge anticipation leading up to it because you know the results are life changing. In my recent experience, “life changing” has been nothing but amazing. My life continues to improve, to fly to new heights, to be so completely and utterly satisfying. I cannot express how much I am anticipating this new experience, this new change. There is so much to look forward to over this next year, so very much.