Life Group has been the calm away from the storm for me these past few months. It’s hard for me to believe I actually considered walking away from these people who have become so near and dear to my heart and who have been instrumental in my growth and maturity in my faith. Sometimes you feel like you can know it all when it comes to how to be a Christian and how to love God with all your heart (doesn’t sound like rocket science to me…), but there is so much to learn, to experience, to discover.

At our most recent meeting we talked about time management. It’s so easy when involved with ministry to say ‘yes’ to everything because you feel like it’s the right thing to do. You look at your schedule and it’s jam packed full of this and that and when something comes along that you would really like to be involved in you can’t say yes because you’ve already got this or that scheduled.

The gentleman in the video we watched told a story. He and his family were at the beach, and his boys were collecting sea shells left and right. The beach was full of them and they would dig in with their fingers and grab big handfuls of sea shells. As they were taking a walk down the beach they saw something floating in the water. They discovered that it was a huge starfish! The father encouraged his boy to run into the water and go get it. The boy ran into the water and stopped short, turned around and ran back. His father yelled, “Go! go get it! you can do it!” The boy got a little further this time but turned around and ran back again. This happend a few times before the boy finally held up his hands, full of sea shells, and said, “I can’t! My hands are too full!”

Often times we try and fill our schedule with things, good things, healthy things, things we think will benefit us. But when it comes time for God to bring us our “starfish opportunity”, we cannot reach out and grab it because our hands are full. This was a huge realization for me. My priorities have to be in the right place, with the right motivation. God doesn’t just call us to be good stewards of our money (watch out now, church and money! 😉 ) but He wants us to be good stewards of our time too. I know that I personally want every opportunity that God has for me to grow, learn, and not only for myself but for the people that are placed in my path to help.

I am feeling really great these days. I am satisfied, complete, fulfilled, and relaxed. I could not ask for more. I continue to grow closer to my in-laws, we have new friendships that are so satisfying and different, amazing changes are headed our way (more to come on this). School is going great, even if sometimes it’s hard to make myself sit down and finish the assignments, my class average is about a 96-98% right now with only 2 more modules (4 weeks) of assignments left. I just feel incredibly blessed to be at this place. I see so many people in frustrating times and can’t help but feel like there is some kind of steel wall of protection around us, and I am thankful. I’m also really glad that I am not blind to the blessings in my life, that they are not taken for granted. God’s blessings are wonderful, and it is never by my own strength or abilities that Brad and I are where we are. When it was by my own strengths and abilities, I failed time after time….and now, now I feel like a winner (so cheesy, but so completely true).