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10 weeks

Oh boy, oh boy [or girl]!!

I finally have something to show for myself….like a heart beat, and a peanut body, and little wiggling worm that I wish you could have all seen because, WOW. So finally I can blog about my exciting news that I am growing a Baby Parnell in my stomach (well you know, not actual stomach). We are so thrilled and wishing our days to hurry up and be November!

I went to the doctor today with my mom, Brad couldn’t take off work unfortunately. This was my first real ultrasound and my child was squirming and wiggling and it was so crazy to me that the image on the screen was actually what is inside of my body, because I can’t FEEL anything yet. Well I can feel some things, like the urge to dump my insides into the nearest porcelain throne. But otherwise, no action yet.

Everyone warned me about being tired and sick, but I don’t think I really thought about it. After 8 months of trying I was just so happy to see that little extra line on that test that nothing else really mattered. But boy am I exhausted, and ready for trimester 2. I’m crossing my fingers that everybody was right about that part too, and the sickness will be gone and I’ll be energized.

Brad is amazing as always with everything. He is taking on all of the housework instead of dividing it up like we usually do and I should be enjoying that, but instead I’m frustrated with feeling helpless and incapable. I argue to STOP putting those dishes in the dishwasher because that is MY job and he shakes his head like, what the heck kind of woman did I marry that she won’t let me help with the dishes? But it’s because I don’t want him to be so gung-ho with helping now that when I actually NEED him to help he is already burnt out and tired of doing EVERYTHING. Does that make sense? It makes sense to me.

Mom makes me laugh because she said my moods are already all screwed up now and if things keep going this way it’s going to be a long pregnancy for everyone around me. She says it out of complete love and if it didn’t make me smile I would probably be hurt…but it’s so true and it’s not something I’m exceptionally excited about…but DUDE. THE MOODS. They are rotten, and I feel complainy and like I have nothing good to say. I am pregnant! I’m going to be a mom! There is life growing and forming in my body! I’m going to have a miniture model of my husband and I in one body, a representation of our insane love for eachother! I know all of that and am in awe of how cool God really is! But the first trimester? It makes me a sad sad person, full of negativity and attitude and this kid had better be worth it! Which I know it will, because that’s what kids do. They rock your world to the core in so many awesome ways that most people willingly go through it at least 1 or 2 more times, maybe more, to experience the miracle from beginning to end all over again.

I can’t wait for my world to be rocked. To see my beautiful baby, both as it continues to grow inside of me and also when it gets introduced to the beauty of this world. I am so excited to be doing this with Brad, to be having a child with him and loving him and giving him the family that he has always wanted…..he is so deserving. God continues to bless us tremendously with each passing month and I am so thankful for His faithfulness displayed in our life. We’re so lucky, so blessed, so humbled.