So the reason my mom’s Mother’s Day probably wasn’t one of my [many] [non] shining moments is because I have become a monster. I have become the most offend-able person I have ever met in my life. Hi, pleased to meet you, please watch out for those egg shells all around me, they will break if you do not step lightly.

A lot of it* is probably motivated by having to explain every single aspect of my pregnancy to people that may not understand. Yes, I HAVE to have a C-Section, I do not have a choice because of my condition. No, I have been told not to eat lunch meat that has not been warmed in an over or microwave of some sort. No, my morning sickness does not include throwing up, but it does include a stomach that is incredibly sensitive to what is put into it. Why do you people feel like you have to know everything about me and my body and what it requires and why? Please do not argue with me about how I am choosing to go through my pregnancy and what “stupid” rules I may be choosing to follow. GRRRRRR.

So you see, what had happened was….we were going to grab lunch Saturday. Mom had been bragging about this awesome barbecue pizza and we were totally going to stop and get some. Well then someone decided that was going to take too long, lets go home and get showered after being on the beach all morning and go back to downtown and go to Slice of Life. We get home, I get in the shower, I get out of the shower and now all of a sudden we are going to Harris Teeter to buy lunch meat for subs. Oh, umm, no thanks. I explained that I would prefer to not do subs because I do not want to eat lunch meat that hasn’t been heated. I got into an incredibly HUGE argument with my MALE brother over what pregnant women (THAT’S ME!) should and should not have and if I had to hear that my doctor and I were “stupid” one more time I swear I was going to get Brad’s truck keys and drive myself all the way back to my happy little home AWAY from my brother. (For the record, I love my brother with all of my heart and my soul, but sometimes there is no world outside of his world and it can be ANNOYING.) So anyways, we go to Harris Teeter. We get some buffalo wings and some potato salad and I got a BBQ sandwich from Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbecue and life was good. I was actually even proud of myself because I didn’t stay mad at my brother, which surprised me. My anger is sometimes not very easily squelched (that word sounded better in my head than it looks on “paper”). So anyways, life goes on and it was a good day.

Fast forward to the next day, Mother’s day. We had a great morning. I got incredibly blessed by my mom and Brad with gifts and cards and then Dad and Brad went and got mom and I breakfast. We decided to go see a movie and then take Mom to dinner/lunch afterwards at her restaurant of choice. She was bragging about this amazing black bean burger from Two Guys and was talking about how delicious it was going to be. For those that may not remember, I’m pregnant. Please don’t fantasize food in my face if you plan on CHANGING YOUR MIND FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW. After the movie was over I was totally geared up to go to Two Guys and get me a delicious burger. Next thing you know they are talking about going home and eating LEFTOVERS from yesterdays lunch. BOO ON YOU (Read Also: Watch your Step. Surrounded by egg shells, this one is).

I am ashamed. I am truly ashamed that I lost my head over such little and meaningless situations. I am even more ashamed that I made my mother want to cry on Mother’s day. So far pregnancy does not make me a very proud person. It makes me feel shameful, and mean, and a pain in the butt to be around. I just wish with all of these hormones people keep telling me are making me like this that there was an extra hormone produced that caused self control, cause I am severely lacking.


*Who am I kidding? A lot of it is hormones, the rest of it is the other stuff.