Pregnancy contradicts itself in so many situations. For instance, in my most recent experience: Energy Vs. Nesting. It is like the left side of my brain is battling the right side.

Left Side: “Must get sleep, so tired, no energy. I cannot even imagine getting up to grab a glass of water to soothe my parched throat. Must pee, but I know only a table spoon will be produced and it’s so not worth the walk, but the URGE is so STRONG.”

Right Side: “Must clean house. Dog hair in living room, clothes to put away, bathrooms to clean, closets to clean out and organize, kitchen floor to mop.”

It is exhausting just battling internally with the roller coaster of “needs” and “wants”. By the time I am done emotionally, I physically have nothing left. And yet the clothes are still there, the floors are still dirty, and the bathrooms still need to be cleaned. The only thing I have consistently made time for and had energy for is Brad, and that is probably because spending time with him is what keeps me sane. Seriously, my husband rocks a thousand times over. The most positive thing out of this pregnancy so far is that I have become even more attached to my husband.

This is tough though (The lack of energy vs. nesting/house necessities), because we have plans. We have plans, THIS.VERY.WEEK. even, to have a realtor come and look at our townhouse and begin the process of putting it on the market and then purchasing our own home to actually fit our expanding family*. Working from home most certainly has more pluses than minuses, but with a 2 bedroom townhouse and a baby on the way I have got to have a third room to house an office and the many holiday supplies and “skinny clothes” that are currently in the babies’ closet. While it’s exciting to be doing this because, a yard! a buyers market! no weird neighbors! a place for Hank to run! volleyball nets and horseshoe pits! etc! It is also very intimidating. Selling the house, constantly keeping it tip top shape for showings, paper work and closing costs plus Realtor percentages, the ever annoying search for FREE moving boxes, stairs, organization and throwing things away while packing, unpacking (this should be a longer more punchy word so that the full extent of what the word actually means may be emphasized, because UNPACKING), and everything else involved. It is just a lot. But it needs to be done NOW because if we wait till after the baby is here our work load will be doubled and it will be even more difficult to accomplish anything (like UNPACKING).

All of that aside, I am so excited to be buying a home! If it turns out to be a quick process than that is even better because then while Brad is out of school for the summer we can get the nursery handled (after he recovers from surgery, that is**).The only downside is being further away from my parents, whom are there anytime we need them and who help on almost a daily basis with the things I have a hard time with. But that’s okay, because our town is small and there is only so far we can go.

So yes, lots of great things happening but also so much up in the air right now. Life is good.

*Why did we ever let anyone talk us out of renting?

**Yes, surgery is still a go!