Little Miss Ladybug,
Today you are 21 weeks old and you are half way to your birth date. This is the first time I have felt inclined to write to you, and that’s probably because I have just now started to feel you move on a daily basis. Boy you sure do have a lot of energy, more than your mamma for sure. Last night your daddy was giving me a back massage and I was laying on my stomach and you started moving more than you have ever moved before. So I rolled over and had him put his hands on my stomach to see if he could feel you, and sure enough, you kicked his hand so hard that it scared him. We laughed and felt so giddy that we can finally see and feel proof that you sure are inside of mommy’s belly growing big and strong.
We got to see your picture a few weeks ago, June 22nd, and you were so kind to show us that you are indeed our Little Ladybug. What an awesome surprise for us and for your grandparents! You see, that was my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary and not to mention you are the first grandbaby on my side of the family and the first girl on your daddy’s side. So you are one special little lady for sure.
We already love you and cannot wait to meet you. We’ve got quite the wardrobe of pink going on for you and so many people are excited for your arrival that your wardrobe is only getting bigger by the day. You are going to be so loved, and your parents couldn’t be more greatful for that. We have a shopping trip planned soon to go buy you some books that you will like and some good music.
See you in a few months, and in the mean time I will make sure to provide you with as much reading material as I can for when you are older and want to know all the lovely details of mommy’s pregnancy.
I love you and all of your little love taps,