Good morning my Little Lady Bug.

I counted on the calendar this morning and you will be here in 92 days, that is if you make it until the day of your delivery…and I hope you do.

You are starting to move higher up on my belly and this morning you punched my stomach near my ribs. It didn’t hurt, but it surprised me. You have become much more active now and you move lots every day, and more at night now too. I still love the way it feels and it is an indescribeable feeling that you will only be able to understand when it’s your turn.

I got another ultrasound of your pretty little face 2 weeks ago. Your daddy couldn’t go with me because he had just had surgery and he asked me to please tell the nurse “Since I can’t be there can you please send me a picture of my little girl?”, and so she did. Your Aunt Melissa went with me to the appointment and she got to see you wiggling around, it was exciting all over again. We don’t know what your facial features will look like yet, but you have the shape of my head and my button nose…that we can tell anyway. Now you’ll come out looking just like your daddy and when you read this many years from now you will laugh..we’ll probably laugh together. With time getting closer I’m looking forward to being able to see you and hold you and kiss you and smoosh you. Get ready for a lot of love from your mamma and daddy because we plan on lavishing you with it every single day.

My first baby shower is in 2 weeks in Maryland with all of my aunts and uncles and cousins. We can’t wait to celebrate the expectancy of your birth, everyone cannot wait to meet you. You are going to come out and into this world with a ton of blessings and I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to give you everything that you need.

I love you, and will write to you again shortly.