We had our 4D US on Monday and got some stellar photos, which the tech said was amazing considering I am as far along as I am (5 more weeks!). She said the best time to do it is around 30 weeks and I’m a month past that, so she was shocked we got some good ones.

Here is the set on Flickr.

Also, I have not said anything about Brad’s surgery since he had it and well…he’s doing amazing. He has lost 62 lbs and is down 2 shirt sizes and a ridiculous amount of pants sizes. He seems really happy about it and the comments he is getting from people seem to really boost him up, which I love.


Anyways, baby here in 5 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. I know, I seem so enthused. I really truly am, I’m just so tired and today is a blah day for sure! So on that note…I’ll pick a better day to update next time 🙂