Yesterday I officially was labled “Full Term” by Baby Center. That means that Autumn is fully developed and will spend the rest of her days in my womb packing on the pounds. Oh wait, that’s right, home girl is already like 7lbs. We’ll find out on Tuesday how much she has gained since the last US and get a general idea of her size. I know this much, I am getting a big baby.

Having talked to my great grandmother and my mom and Brad’s mom about babies in both of our families, I am pretty sure that we were bound to have a big baby, and I am really okay with that. Big babies=Less Scary to Handle, or that is the conclusion that I have come to. If I feel like I’m dressing a 2 month old instead of a 1 week old, than it might make me less scared of hurting her.

In general though, I’m not all that worried about mothering my baby. I know a lot of new moms are nervous about handling a baby, but I’m not. I may have just jinxed myself into having a world of emotions hit me when she is born that I didn’t expect to have, but ya know, I’ll just take it in stride.I seem awfully calm, don’t I? Yeah, I know, what IS my problem? I will say that these last few weeks have brought me to this level of bi-polar that I have never been to before. When I say it depends on the day, it really does.

So we are down to the wire here, Brad and I. We’re in our last week or so of husband and wife-ed-ness and very quickly approaching the world of Dad and Mom-ed-ness. And Oh Boy, what a world do we expect it to be. We are excited, our parents are excited, our church friends and our family are all excited…so much excitement! Hopefully I will be able to put that excitement into words at some point, but I really doubt it.

Saturday I am doing some photos with my photographer friend from church and I could not be more excited. He is really spectacular and I can’t wait to see how he plans to make my “plus size and pregnant” body into a “mostly just 9 months pregnant” body. Ha! Didn’t know you were going to have to be a miracle worker, huh Paul? 🙂

Any ‘ol way, just thought it was time for an update. I’ve been super slack, mostly because I’ve just been ready for this last month to be over and feeling all BLAH about it not being over yet. Soon that will all change and I’ll be wishing for this time back, but isn’t that just like LIFE anyway? Oh and by the way, Brad is down about 80 lbs now. In like 4 months. I AM allowed to call him a jerk, RIGHT? Cause I mean like, I’m pregnant and bigger than him now and I’m just not doing well with that emotionally. But in all seriousness, I’m so proud of him. And so very happy for him. And I really like to look at him and try and remember what he looked like before, because it’s kinda fun that I can’t remember. He’s amazing, and I’m still just as lucky as they come.