Our daughter is here! Autumn arrived on November 5th at 1:13. Life has CHANGED, and we are so enjoying it. You won’t be reading a birthing story from me because there is no story to it, general anesthesia stole that opportunity from me. But that is still a story I guess, MY story anyway. But there are enough other enjoyable moments to focus on and so that is what I do!

We were in the hospital for a day longer than they had originally thought because of her biliruben being high, which is normal from what I understand. My poor little nakie baby had to sit under florescent lights all day long so that she would get better, and she did get better. We went home on day 3 after a pretty uneventful stay.

She is an amazing baby, so laid back and enjoyable. So easily consoled and it’s difficult to upset her (not that I’ve tried or anything! There are just suggestions that lactation specialists make to help a lazy baby not fall asleep during feeding…and well, they don’t work because again, lazy and laid back). The night sleeping thing is…normal. The first night was really rough. We knew they had swaddled her in the hospital, but Brad was really nervous about her coming unwrapped, so we didn’t swaddle her once we had her home with us. That was mistake number 1. So we swaddled her the next night and she did really great…once she finally fell asleep. Because apparently Little Ms. Autumn has her “awake time” anywhere between midnight and 2 or 1-3. Now that we know that it is a bit easier to manage. Daddy lets mommy sleep for the first hour and a half and then we swap and I do the next hour and a half and get her down officially for the night. Then she usually wakes up for a diaper change around 5 and an ounce or two of milk. And then it’s back to sleep again until around 8 or 9. Now mommy and daddy just need to start going to bed earlier than 11 so that the 12 o’clock wake up won’t be so.hard. So.Very.Hard. Ya know, I haven’t had a hang over in a really long time and I was good with that. But I guess lack of sleep=hang over like feelings, ’cause that’s what I feel like when I wake up at that point. We are getting there though and I am so much less intimidated than I was those first few nights. I feel like I am getting to know her and I don’t feel so helpless when having to be The Mommy.

Brad is amazing at being The Daddy. He is a champ at changing and feeding and clothing and I am so impressed. I thought it would be easier for me to get up and tend to her in the middle of the night than it would be for him, because he can be such a bear when it comes to sleep. But honestly, he has handled it so much better than I have and I am truly impressed by him. I don’t know if it is because I am still recovering from surgery or what, but I have a difficult time getting my body and mind to wake up at that time of the morning. I try and focus on the baby and my eyes are just SO cross-eyed that I have to blink A LOT to finally handle business.

My incision is healing really well for the most part. Because of being a plus sizer I’m running into an issue with one side of the incision, but the healing is going great otherwise and it will only take a bit longer for the side with problems to heal up normally. I still have a lot of pain on the left side and am stuck sleeping only on my right side. Brad has to still help me get up a lot and get dressed, but I really do feel okay.

I haven’t had a lot of emotional issues yet. I’m still only a week out and I know sometimes the weepy emotions can start kicking in a bit later, but I’m hoping that I’m like my mom and I don’t ever have any issues with that aspect. I have defintely had tearful moments, but it doesn’t feel any more intense than normal ‘ol regular me. I’m grateful.

There are more stories to share from the hospital, and a letter to write to My Ladybug, but Time is hard to come by these days. And even when it is easy to come by, I would still rather be cradling Autumn or holding Brad’s hand, or taking a nap curled up. Today Brad had to go into work for a bit and so I am taking advantage of the “me” time to write. But be assured, there is more to come.