My dear sweet baby girl, you are 2 ½ months old and I am amazed at how time has flown. I have been composing a letter in my head for weeks now and I wanted to be in the right frame of mind to write it, I wanted to be in the frame of mind that every single emotion and feeling I have for you would be able to be felt in my words. But, I have decided I don’t think my words could ever do my feelings for you any justice at all. So I need to write to you now, while this stage of your life is so fresh in my mind.

You have already grown so much and are starting to develop a personality. You used to sleep a lot more during the day than you do now and I wanted so badly for you to be awake so I could see those pretty eyes. Now during the day you are awake, and smiling. You are so happy the majority of the time. The only time you aren’t happy is when you have acid reflux or when you are being burped. You used to be stingy with your smiles, but you have become so alert that pretty much anyone that tries to get a smile from you succeeds. And you have the most charming smile a mother could ask for. You start out with a little smirk and then as you become more amused you scrunch your nose and your cheeks become round as your smile spreads across your whole face, and your tiny little tongue curls up and your adorable grampa gums are displayed for all to see. Oh, it is my favorite thing in the whole world to watch you smile. You giggle and you coo now too. I say to you, “Talk to Momma!” And you start making these adorable little noises like you really understand what I’m saying to you and it makes me feel like the most important person in your world. You crane your neck, sit up straighter, and stick your lips out and you say “hooo, whoooo, woooo” and I tell you that you did a great job and that I knew you could do it, because Momma is your biggest fan and I will always tell you what a great job you did.



You love to snuggle up and be warm. When you start to get fussy and sleepy after so much laughing and smiling I will lay you across the front of me with your head snuggled into my arm and I wrap a warm blanket around you and with the comfort of your binky you fall asleep in my arms. Your face relaxes, and your lovely round cheeks get soft, and you purse your lips just a little bit and you become limp. And I love the way it feels because I know you are comfortable with me. I give you so many kisses on your soft cheeks then, because I love you.

 When you eat your bottle you are so focused on the task at hand. Sometimes you get so excited that you choke on your milk and I have to try and tell you to slow down, it doesn’t usually work though. We used to burp you on our knee. But somewhere in the first few months of your life you developed a little temper and now we have to burp you on our shoulders. Nana will get up and walk around with you while she burps you because you like to look around the room. But sometimes that doesn’t work for me and so I try and get over how upset you are and focus on the task at hand, getting you to burp! It’s funny because you already know how to stick out your bottom lip when you cry and it’s so amazingly cute that I can’t help but laugh. At this age you are eating 6 oz bottles with a tablespoon of oatmeal cereal (for acid reflux) and you have to take Prilosec. It isn’t helping yet, but the doctor says hopefully at 4 months when we can give you “real” food that you will start to feel better.

When we brought you home from the hospital and your umbilical cord finally fell off, we gave you your first bath. I was so nervous, because a lot of babies do not like baths or water. You on the other hand sat in your little bath chair with the most curious and concentrated face while I maneuvered and manipulated your little body to get you clean. You still love to have a bath and you still get the concentrated face and I cannot help but wonder what you are thinking. You try and drink the water when I rinse you off too. You’ve managed to drink it quite a few times, and have only gulped it to the point of choking maybe 3 or 4 times. You hated to have your face washed, but seem to have gotten better with it here lately. Usually after your bath Daddy or I will feed you your night time bottle and rock you until you have relaxed. Daddy will read a book to you some nights, and that’s something I think you will love as you get older. We dim your bedroom light, turn on your music, and lay you down in the crib with your glow worm, named J-Glow. It doesn’t take you long to fall asleep (I think the crying from the burping helps tire you out) but we usually will push J-Glow’s tummy a few times so you can see her face light up and hear her music play, you absolutely love her. Your GAA got her for you. GAA=Great Aunt Annette. The music we usually play for you is Mozart, Jewel’s lullabies, or Praise lullabies. You really seem to love music.

You have already been on your first vacation and have gotten to wear your first bathing suit in the pool, Aunt Lissa got it for you and you looked adorable in it. You have been to Maryland and to Myrtle Beach and you traveled so well for us. We went to Maryland with Grampa Joe and Nana for Christmas to visit my family. We stayed at Pop-Pop and Grandma Debbi’s house and you were wonderful. Your cousin Nathan is only 11 days older than you and we had lots of fun taking pictures. You slept great while we were there. We spent Christmas morning at Nana and Grampa Joe’s and went over to Meme and Papa Williams house that night. Your cousins love you so much and Will and Joshua enjoyed loving you with hugs and kisses. Even Uncle Neil held you and whispered sweetly to you. My favorite gift that you got was a bracelet, locket, and jewelry box from your Uncle Brian. He is smitten with you. Your next vacation was when we went to Myrtle Beach with Uncle Lee, Aunt Lissa, and Cousin Joshua. Joshua loves you so much and I wish I could record it when he says “Hi Autumn!”, because it’s the cutest thing and I think you will both laugh about it when you are older. I hope you and Joshua grow up close, like I did with my cousin Amanda. I really hope you get the opportunity to grow up close with ALL of your cousins, like I did. Family means a lot to me and your Daddy and we hope it does to you too.

I just went back to work this week (January 19,2010) and your Nana is going to take care of you during the days now. I missed you so much today. I love being your mom, and going back to work means I don’t get to do that as much anymore. I hope you save some smiles and giggles for me at the end of the day, because I look forward to the end of my day so that I can see you and Daddy. Your Nana loves you very much and is going to do such a great job of taking care of you. She will teach you so many things. She has already showed you your thumb, and has patiently held toys up to you while you tried to decide whether you liked them or not. There is so much more for her to show you and I know she cannot wait.

The nicknames we have had for you are Popeye (you sometimes will only open one eye when you are really tired in order to check out what is going on or who is talking to you), Tink Tink (cause, well, sometimes you smell really bad), Squishums, Baby Girl, Little Lady Bug, Punky (by Nana only), and I can’t think of any others right now. You are often called by your full name, Autumn Kay, because we love how it sounds. Oh yeah, your Uncle Lee tried to start calling you Meat Head, but I explained to him that you are a girl and you are dainty and beautiful and Meat Head described you in no way shape or form. He agrees, but has a hard time remembering not to call you that. He says it in love though, kinda like my grandfather lovingly calling me “Fart Blossom”. Besides J-Glow, one of your favorite things is your swing, with your “Fish Friends” as Daddy calls them. You also love your binky and any toys that have lights and music. You really like Daddy and Nana too, you laugh at them the most. But you love everyone you come into contact with and will prove it with a smile every time.

There will always be more that I can tell you. More things you do, more about your family, more about your daddy and the people that love you. But today I have written enough. I will continue to share things with you as you grow up because I know one day you are going to love reading about you as a baby, toddler, kid, and teenager.

I love you so very much.