Hello Squishems,

You are almost 5 months old now, and time has flown by [You are technically 21 weeks, making you 5 months and 1 week]. There are so many exciting things that you are doing and have done, and are learing to do. I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up before our eyes and how you look like a baby, an actual child, instead of just a newborn now. Your bright eyes look at everything around you with such curiosity and interest. You are so smart and observant.

These days you are rolling over to the left and right (back to belly, still working on belly to back) and pulling your knees up, trying so hard to get your belly of the ground and crawl. You are also sitting up almost completely unassisted. You are sleeping on your belly, even as much as your dad and I have tried to keep that from happening. You are talking and “singing” and making so much noise that Nana has to take you to her house during the day so that my customer’s don’t hear you in the background while I work. You have 3 teeth trying to pop through right now, and they have been trying for about a month now….you aren’t happy….we aren’t happy. And I kinda wish they would just hurry themselves up. [Edit: Yay!! Your first tooth popped through this morning, April 1st….literally the day after I posted this ::smile::]

You started eating food. And I would add some cute and messy pictures of the ordeal, but well, you did SO.GOOD. I mean really, you just about got it all in your mouth and swallowed and everything. And you love it. You love food. And I didn’t expect anything less, because you would watch us eat and you would be mesmorized by the entire process. From the moment the untensil hit the plate, to bringing it up to our mouth, swallowing, and back down the plate…you would STARE at us like some sort of starved begging puppy. I admit, I couldn’t wait the full 4 months to feed you food, I caved 4 days early…because it was just so pitiful. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have a dog then, huh?

You are doing much better sleeping at night (save last night, but let’s please not go there ever again) and we have successfully and with little effort cut out your “middle of the night” feeding. You are even doing great without your binky after you fall asleep. The only wall we keep running into is, you are so snuggly! And you want to be snuggly while you sleep! But you are too young for a teddy or a blanket or anything that is, well, SNUGGLY! And a big sigh to that whole thing, because I love that you are snuggly and I want you to stay snuggly, but I also want you to stay alive and breathing and SIDS vs. Alive is a no brainer when it comes to the battle of Nigh-Nights Without A Snuggly. So now is the day we get to remove your bumpers and any and all stuffed animals and I’m just not sure how that’s gonna go. I’ll make sure I update with that information in, oh say, another 3 months (bad Mommy, bad bad Mommy).

Naps, however, are another story. You are a silly little thing when it comes to naps. Nana likes to call you a “power napper” because you will nap for anywhere between 15-45 minutes and then before you know it your eyes ::BING:: pop open and you are smiling and happy and it’s like you just took the longest most refreshing nap of your life. While it’s really great that you wake up so happy, sometimes us adults like to use nap times to get things done…like dishes and laundry and vaccuming and all of the other things that make for a clean living environment. So anytime you are ready to start napping for longer periods of time, we would be more than willing to oblige.

You are ticklish now and I can’t explain to you in words the joy that courses through my entire body when you giggle with delight as I poke your sides. Pure joy fills my soul every single time. Your laugh and your smile make Mommy so SO happy. It’s like sunshine and rainbows and warm spring days, it renews the soul. I can be frustrated with you one minute (because you are squealing and protesting and crying and angry FOR NO REASON) and I say the right thing and in a split second, you grin at me. A wide happy grin that shows me how much you love me and recognize me and love to hear me talk to you, and all of the frustration leaves me and I pick you up and kish your squishy cheeks (yes, kish). You are irresistable when you smile. You are irresistably cute and loveable and there are so many people that come to greet you when we go out places. You have become everyone’s favorite baby and people that I never thought I would see holding a baby quickly run up to me on Sunday mornings and whisk you from my arms. They do this because, like I said, your smile renews the soul.

Autumn, I can’t tell you how much joy you have brought to our lives. That is mostly because when we think we can’t love you any more than we do, you show us another facet of your big huge personality that is worth loving. God could not have given us a more perfect fit of a child. I hope as you get older that you are proud of the parents God gave you. I hope we do you justice as parents and that you never doubt our love and affection for you…our first born baby love.

Happy soon-to-be 5 months, Squishems. Mommy loves you.