I did it. I actually did it. I entered my very first writing contest. I am pretty sure I will be on the edge of my seat until the finalists are chosen.

I have only ever entered one other creativity-type competition before and was so disappointed. The ribbon they hung from my drawing was something slightly less than an “honorable mention”. They broke it to me kindly that my picture was not even worth placing. My poor little heart was broken and my self confidence was gone. Granted, I was like 8. But I have not forgotten.

Brad has done an amazing job encouraging me and my writing, and recently so has my mom. I just have a hard time remembering the let down of the drawing and really believing in myself that I have any creative ability what so ever. Drawing is totally out; my brother definitely got that gene. And on a side note, he entered the same drawing competition as me (it was judged by age groups) and was disqualified. They said that his picture was obviously traced, because “No 13 year old can draw THAT good!” So sad, because he really had drawn it himself. But back to my main note, I enjoy writing and telling my story. As I mentioned a little bit back, I like that writing (good writing, especially) can make you feel connected to someone. It opens up a whole other perspective to who they are as an individual. Writing is raw and real and exciting! I just have to believe in myself, that my writing is raw and real and exciting. So I did it. I took a step towards building that self confidence back up. I can be creative. I am creative.

So the competition. The essay had to be at least 150 words and had to about something that you can do fast. Examples they used were making your bed in so-many-seconds, updating your FB status fast, etc. And the way to win is to be creative, original, humorous, and entertaining. Here is my entry…I’m hoping it at least gets a second glance.


I can make scrambled eggs really fast. Please note the use of the word scrambled as you continue on through my story. I like to make snacks and I like to make them fast. One of my favorite snacks is a scrambled egg in the microwave, there is just nothing better. So one day I was feeling creative and thought, “How cool would it be to make an egg over-easy instead of scrambled?!” I mean, who doesn’t love a delicious creamy egg-yolky center? After my revelation, surely sent straight to my thoughts by God himself, I excitedly cracked an egg into my microwaveable egg bowl and heated it up for about 45 seconds. I pulled it out, took my fork and checked to see if the area around the yolk was still runny, and indeed it was. I put it in for another 45 seconds and checked it with my fork again when it was finished. This time, before I knew it, I had a burn on my eyelid, egg on the ceiling, and no food to eat. Who know that if you didn’t whisk an egg before microwaving it you could end up with a miniature bomb? Not me.