Today is Friday and that makes me so very happy. Even better, I am working my coworkers shift since he is off today, and that puts me off at 4 instead of 5. Yahoo!

I’m sad to report that we (and by we I mean probably my mom and Brad) have to take Autumn to the doctor today for a suspected ear infection. Autumn is such a texture baby, she loves to feel the differences in fabrics and toys and is just generally curious about things. Well, her hair has really began growing and getting much thicker. So I wasn’t too surprised when, while feeding her bottles, she started taking her hand and rubbing it on her head where the hair started coming in. I also have blamed the immense amount of pain she has been in for the past few days on the fact that her two top teeth are coming in (she has been rubbing her nose and scrunching it up and what not). But this morning, for the first time, she actually grabbed her ear. Instantly a light bulb went off and I started thinking ear infection! I know it can be really dangerous to let an ear infection go, so I made an appointment for this afternoon and I’m hoping they tell us that she just likes to play with her hair and those darn teeth are really what is causing the issue. Ear infections are the worst and I can’t imagine being so little and having to deal with that pain.

I am very excited to say that my brother and his girlfriend are coming up from Wilmington today. He, my dad, and Brad are all fishing in a tournament tomorrow, so he’s coming up tonight. The best part* is that he was recently put in charge of 2 baby raccoons that need to be cared for until they are old enough to be released. They just opened their eyes a few days ago and are walking around finally. They still take a bottle and have to be made to go to the bathroom. So they are little. And I cannot wait to cuddle them. Although, my brother’s girlfriend (Sherri) did get a hickie from one of them because it latched onto her neck and she couldn’t get it off. Now THAT is a strong latch. So maybe I won’t let it get too close. But I’m still excited.

Since I am going to be home with Autumn tomorrow, I made plans with my friend for her to possibly highlight my hair. I say possibly because I have Autumn and with my friends’ hands gloved and covered in chemicals and me being the object those chemicals are being slathered on, well. Umm. Let’s just say I’m hoping for nap time. But along the same lines, Brad really wants me to go with my mom to the tournament so that we can walk around the lake a little bit and so we can see how well he did in the tournament first hand. My issue is, it’s 2 hours away and BUGS LOVE MY BLOOD. I don’t even think my mom is driving, which means I’ll have to pack Autumn up and drive up there just the 2 of us. And did I mention the screaming that happens lately in the car seat to anywhere more than 5 minutes away? Cause there is that. I don’t know. Brad rarely ever asks me to do anything for him and so that part of me very much so wants to be a great wife and make him happy. But, but. I guess I just haven’t decided yet. I know what I want to do, but I also don’t know that I want the headache that goes along with it. I mean, when given the chance to have or not have a headache, what would YOU choose?!

Have I mentioned that it’s FRIDAY?!

*I mean, the best part is really that I’ll get to see my brother. But cuddly raccoons and my brother are such a huge toss-up for first place!