The weekend was a success and I’m sad that it’s Monday already. Weekends never seem to be long enough as it is, and then when we fill our days up with things to do they seem even shorter.

Good news, Autumn doesn’t have an ear infection. The pediatrician said that when they grab their head/hair, sometimes that means they are teething. That’s initially what I suspected, but I don’t get the big bucks to know things like that, and so I pay someone else to confirm. And confirm they did! Our girl is very healthy though, good weight, and the doc said that she sits up like a 7 month old. I’m so proud of her. Now if only she would attempt to crawl when she is on her belly. She still does the “swimmer”, or some refer to it as the “sky diver” when she is on her tummy. Unless she is sleeping, and then she rolls to her belly and gets up on her knees with her face planted on the mattress. It’s pretty adorable. Me thinks she may be one of those kids that skips the crawling and walks instead. She loves to stand up and will pull up when you give her your hands. When we unhook her from her car seat she plants her right elbow and tries to sit up. Girl has some strength in her tummy and legs, even with them squishy rolls that people love to talk about….most are positive, but some are just MEAN.

Friday night we spent the night at my parents so that Brad wouldn’t have to get up any earlier than he had to Saturday morning. Unfortunately though, Autumn started being a stinker at 1:30 in the morning and continued up until the point I was able to slip her into bed with me. Brad had to get up at 2:30 to leave at 3 and so before he walked out the door he brought Autumn in to me and she literally slept until 8:30. I mean, I got up before she did. She sleeps so much better when she has a blanket to hold and unfortunately I can’t do that in her crib until she is a year old, or walking. The other morning she started fussing around 4:30 though, and it was a week day, so I took the blanket and tucked it at her waist. It was close enough to her that she could grab it with her hands, but I also tucked it into the opposite end of the crib, so she couldn’t pull it up to her face. She slept for 3 more hours. It was wonderful. It isn’t always an issue though, so it’s not an every night thing. Which is good, because I don’t like putting her in bed with me, and I don’t like putting fluffy blankets in with a 5 1/2 month old.

So anyways, back to the tournament. Brad and his fishing partner got 3rd place and Brad got ::drum roll please:: biggest catch of the day!! I was so happy for him. I know he was really hoping that the decision to fish the tournament would pay off. He had to cancel some previous commitments he had made in order to fish it, and it turned out great. He walked away with a pretty decent cash prize and some new lures. Our friend that he cancelled plans with was so stoked. When Brad originally talked to him and told him about his opportunity to fish, the guy was like “Dude, you never pass up competition” and so Brad’s decision was made. Thank God for good friends, and thank God for good fishin’.

While Brad was busy with all of that, a dear friend came over and put some highlights in my hair. I didn’t know she had never done it before, so it was an adventure for both of us. We had a great time hanging out and I kind of can’t help but laugh that my highlights didn’t even really turn out. I say that we should have just skipped the highlights and talked. There is a slight difference in the color where it was pulled through the cap, so that’s good. But I definitely forgot to put the bag over my hair after she put the color on it….so after 60 minutes it hadn’t developed really good. Amazing how that works…Oh well. It’s all good and I am glad to have had some girl time that benefited us both.

Now, I mentioned before that my brother and his girlfriend were coming up with their baby raccoons and Oh.My.Goodness. They are PRECIOUS. Fred and Skooter are their names, and they are 5 weeks old. I cannot get over their adorable little faces, and the noises that they make, and the way the curl up to go to sleep after eating. I had to care for them on Saturday, and while it may have been the most inconvenient thing possible at the time [ie. Autumn was hating life], it was sweet being able to feed them a bottle.

Fred’s floppy ears are just adorable…

So, weekend success! And it’s the beginning of another fun-filled week. Tonight I get to meet a friend from work for the first time. Since I work from home I don’t get to see my customers, but she only lives a mile away. She has an Autumn also, and her little Auti is 2 months younger than mine. So tonight she is going to meet me at my parents house and we are going to walk our girls into contentedness. I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow my good friend is going to come to my house and cut my hair even shorter and add a few more drastic highlights to the muted caramel ones I ended up with Saturday. I think Wed. and Thurs. are our only free nights this week, and I’m so excited about our cookout on Friday night for our Life Group. Now to decide for Friday night….get a sitter? or bring Autumn with? She goes down at 7:30-8 and the cook-out starts at 7. They have a room that we could put her down in her pack-n-play and then when we get ready to leave just pack her up and go. She is usually a pretty good sleeper because of her routine but we have never done this before. I figure what better night to test her out than a Friday night? But then also, I dig the routine and she digs the routine and why should we mess with a good thing? See the battle?! Aye yay yay!