So, I got a haircut. I kind of love it, a lot. I asked my friend to go shorter with it this time than last time and that the only thing she needed to worry about was covering up my chiari scar. And I’m so thrilled with the cut. I was worried about short hair, because the last time it was this short I was in elementary school and I got a bowl cut. Yes, the same bowl cut that little boys were getting. But! Now that I am not in elementary school and I am a grown woman, I love love love it. And it’s not exactly a bowl cut, so there is that.

On top of the cut, I got my highlights done again too. So between the caramel from the weekend and the true blonde from last night, I’m totally diggin’ the color. It’s more blonde than it has been since I was a kid, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m all around happy with the changes. Brad says he likes it and that he knows it’s easier for me, but I think he is getting used to it. He wouldn’t ever tell me if he didn’t like it anyway…he just wants me to be happy. I still hope he truly does like it though. I mean, he IS my husband and all and it’s important for him to like my appearance.

On to the photos. Curly! Pretty much right after she finished. 


Just Regular 




And last one, Silly Billy 


Happy Hump Day! Change is good, and I feel great.

Need a pick me up? Get a hair cut.*

*For best results, get all hairs cut, not just one.