I have been pretty frustrated lately, with not a whole lot of positive things to say. I’m kind of sick of the comparison games that we parents play. I’m pretty tired of having to justify myself and things related to my child. I really just want some respect as a parent and even more so than that, as a human being. I’m a person, with a brain, a working brain at that. And if at any point someone would like to recognize that instead of questioning it at every turn, that would be wonderful.

So until I can get my attitude straight. And until I can catch up on the ridiculous amount of work that this week has generated already (it’s only Tuesday!), you get pictures–from February–that I got from my photographer friend yesterday. They really show off Brad and the weight he has lost and he is so.stinking.ridiculously.gorgeous.

Happy Valentine’s day

From my Silly Husband

 Kiss Kiss, Muah!