I had a wonderful Mother’s day and I cannot wait to show you pictures from the day. Not only was it my first Mother’s day, but it was Autumn’s first beach trip and that was pretty awesome. But I don’t have the pictures, because we took all of them with GAA and both Sherri’s cameras’….so I’m waiting to get them on disc. In the mean time, I am working on a project for my church that is taking up the majority of my extra time and I am unbelievably excited.

I had my sleep study on Friday night and it wasn’t all that bad. Nervous for nothing, I guess. The Center that I went to was wonderful. The staff was great and the rooms were really like the getaway I was gearing up for. On the bed there was a huge, fluffy, white, down comforter and incredibly squishy pillows. They had a furniture piece behind the bed that looked like it belonged in a master suite; it had built in shelves on either side and a reading light overhead that was touch sensative to turn it on and off. Not to mention where the pillows butted up to it there was a slanted piece of wood (vs. the flat wall) so that the pillows would be perfectly slanted for a good nights rest. They had HD flat screen TV’s (I want to say probably around 42″-46″ screens) with DirecTV access hanging in all the rooms. I totally got to listen to my music station while I read my book and THAT was a plus in my book. The guy that hooked me up to the ridiculous amount of wires was really nice too and we had some good chat time. He has two little girls, named Lilly and Daisy (with accompanying tattoos) and we talked about that for awhile. His tattoos were cool and inspiring since, hopefully soon, Brad is getting a chrysanthemum and I’m getting a fall leaf.

While I was waiting to be weighed and checked in they made us watch a video about sleep apnea and CPAP and all of that fun stuff. It was a pretty informative video and while semi-boring, I had a list of people to tell “Go! Go right now! Get yo’self a sleep study!”; first on the list was my dad. If you snore, and you are tired a lot during the day, it would probably benefit you to have a sleep study. There are so many different issues that sleep apnea can contribute to and it’s a smart thing to address it. A lot of the problems that it can lead to are already issues that women are higher risk for, so do it. Seriously. And now I will stop acting like I am an expert in that area of the medical field.

There were only two negative notes of the night.

Negative note 1: I left my pillow there. Do you even know how much that sucks? No, I don’t bet you do, considering it’s my huggy pillow and not yours. I’m hoping my dad can pick it up this week sometime, otherwise I have to drive the 45 minutes to get it.

Negative note 2: I didn’t get to read for more than an hour. Between watching the information movie, getting hooked up, and having lights out there was just no time. That was sad, because I still haven’t been able to read a whole lot of book and I’m dying, dying I say!

Well anyways, I need to go get the pictures from my mom’s house tonight because I want to write about my weekend, and I really want to show it off! There are so many great pictures to come. Like my kid cheesin’, showing off her teeth. My husband smiling and looking so amazing it makes me grin and get butterflies every time I look at the picture. My hot daddy, and the twin picture of Autumn. Sandy toes. Etc, etc, etc.

How was your Mother’s day? What did your kids/husband do for you? What did you do for your mom/wife?