My Mother’s Day post is not going to be nearly as picture-heavy as I intended it to be because I cannot seem to get the pictures together. I thought I had burned them all to a disc and I popped it in this morning before work and would you stinkin’ believe the disc does not have anything on it? Not sure how that happened, it’s not like I’m a id10t or anything when it comes to computers and I watched the pictures copy over with my very own eyes. [[Issue fixed, thank you Flickr, even if it’s more time-consuming.]]

So Sunday morning Autumn sounded off at her normal 6am and Brad pulled her into bed with us until she fell back to sleep. He woke me up and we managed to get a shower in before our little precious woke up again. We packed up an entire day of supplies needed to care for Autumn and headed to my parents house. I have to be honest, as happy as I was to get to spend the day with my mom and my family I was also dreading the entire trip. Autumn has been teething lately and napping has been at its worst. I just knew adding in the change of the day would make things worse. But, it was a special day and it called for a few changes. So I buckled down my apprehension and we headed to my brother’s house.

Things started out great!

After arriving to my brother’s house we left for the beach. We found a great parking space and it was a short walk to the beach. We fixed sandwiches, although I say we lightly…because Autumn was already getting sleepy for her afternoon nap. There was so much activity and noise that she wouldn’t go down on the blanket, I had to hold her. Finally everyone went off to play games or read or go for a walk and I put her in the stroller to sleep….for 15 minutes. Oh well, at least I managed a sandwich finally.

She absolutely loved the sand, the shells and No Pants! Thank God for SPF 100.

We didn’t stay too long and managed to take some really great family photos (to come later) before heading back to my brother’s house. We had some down time while Mark, Dad, and Brad headed to the battle ship.

Once they got back we went to dinner at the Pilot House, ihadamentalbreakdowninthemiddleoftherestaurant, and we headed back to my brother’s so I could copy his girlfriend’s pictures from her camera, and get Autumn a much-needed bottle before the trip home. As I am sure you gathered from my notable run-on above…Autumn did not do well in the restaurant and I am having a hard time wanting to do anything like this again in the near future (so.embarassing). I did have a wonderful day, and my parents helped out at the restaurant while I was in the bathroom boohooing (Autumn loves her Grampa and Nana) and that made it so much better. Once they finished feeding her Brad took her outside in her stroller to fall asleep. After checks were paid we all went and got ice cream at that same ice cream place Kate takes the kids on that one summer vacation episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. [[Also, the battleship reference from *up there* was in the same episode I think. It’s only about 10 minutes from my brother’s house. ]] The night ended great even though we got home late and all had to work the next day. I guess if I had to do over I would still do it all the same way, even if I did miss a church service I was looking forward to and was majorly embarrassed by the restaurant incident. It’s all part of being a parent and I can’t let one little bad incident scare me off. I just hate to think that my kid screaming ruined someone else’s dinner…I don’t want to be that mom.

I can’t wait for next year, but I refuse to rush this next year by just to get there. Autumn is 6 months old and time could not be moving any faster. I’m trying to cherish her. Every snuggle, every sloppy kiss, every grin, and even possibly every scream. She’s my girl, my first baby and she deserves the best.