I need help. This is something that I have had an issue with for as long as I can remember and although I have received countless suggestions, none of them have worked.

My hair is ridiculously curly and thick and prone to frizz under most conditions. I can usually leave it curly by using some kind of creamy-consistancy product and it will be great. I also have the option to straighten it as long as the weather will cooperate. However, when I straighten my hair on a regular basis my scalp gets very dry and itchy and will often mimic dandruff (and after using Wiki to find the definition of dandruff, it technically is dandruff). I am not sure how all of the women in the world can straighten their hair on a daily basis and not suffer from this embrassing and uncomfortable issue, but apparently they are special and I am not. Regardless, if I straighten my hair, or even just my bangs, even once these days my scalp will spend about 2 weeks suffering until it heals up and I’m good again until I straighten it again. I obviously do not want to stop straightening my hair; it makes me feel pretty and I get a ton of compliments. But dry and itchy scalp do not make me feel pretty and so I’m in a tough spot.

Anyone have any suggestions?