You are almost through your sixth month and you can do so much! I’m so proud of you and the things you can do and are learning to do. You make me smile, and you make me laugh, and sometimes you even make me want to take a vacation. But every single day I am excited to pick you up out of your crib because your smile and happy-go-lucky disposition are worth every bit of those times I want to go on vacation.

You are trying to crawl now. You get up on your knees and you rock back and forth and I’m sure if we had just the right “carrot” to dangle, you might even try to move forward. But instead you usually just feel the carpet with your fingers and say “Guh, Guh” with mesmerized eyes. You have only done a face plant once; instead you usually just throw your hands and feet out like you are going to jump out of an airplane and land on your belly with a frustrated “Mmmmm!”

Speaking of “Mmm” you have said “MaMa” twice now, but never on command. Once getting out of the tub and once while Daddy was putting you in the car seat. But you say “Mmmm” all the time. We are trying to teach you to sign “more” and to also say “MaMa”, so I’m thinking that might have something to do with how often you say “Mmmm”. Another new sound you make is “Guh”. You say it mostly when you are curious about something, or when you want to touch something you probably shouldn’t be. When Nana puts you in your pool with your toys you look at the bug-eyed fish and say “Guuuh”, and Nana thinks you don’t like its big eyes. You have only made the noise for “D” one time, but I’m sure it’s coming!

When we took you to your 6 month well check up, you absolutely wowed the doctor with everything you can do. You sit up so well, you switch toys between both hands, you can pick up a Puffs snack and put it in your mouth all by yourself, you can even lean to each side without falling over (those muscles have a name but I can’t remember what they are called). She said she could sit in that room and watch you all day long because you were so entertaining and I could not have been more proud of you.

You recognize your Daddy and I now and if we leave the room you will let the neighborhood know how much you don’t like it. You have Mommy days and Daddy days and you curl into us when you are going to sleep and it’s the best feeling in the world.

We have so much to look forward to with you and every day is just another part of this life long journey we’re taking together. I love you with all of my heart.