I would just like to say that it’s really difficult to want to write about what’s going on when you don’t know that anyone is reading your well-thought-out drivel. So I guess I just need to change my perspective and maybe pretend that I have someone reading? Maybe.

So Autumn turned 8 months old yesterday and I’m just blown away at how quickly time continues to pass. She is pulling up to her knees, still rocking back and forth in an attempt to crawl, saying Mama all the time, dropping Dada and gaga and all kinds of other strings of consonants together, eating chunks of fruit that she adorably gums, has 3 teeth, is in 12 months clothes with size 4 diapers, and drinking less and less of a bottle and more and more food. She is a joy. And every time she does something that I think, “I need to document that!” I always forget what it was by the time I get home. Which is why I need an iPad. I mean, just sayin’. 

My surgery is scheduled for July 28th as I mentioned. I’m so nervous about the procedure but am more excited than anything else. It’s my Dad’s 50th birthday and that just makes me so nervous. I’m a fairly realistic person and because this is a pretty intense surgery it’s hard not to at least think about the possibility of ruining my father’s birthday for the rest of his life. But! I’m not so much of a pessimist that I don’t realize how small the chances of that happening are and that I’m in the good hands of my surgeon (and let’s not forget, GOD). So I’m continuing to pray for peace, for God’s protection, and for a steady hand for my surgeon. I have to lose some weight before the surgery because they have to remove my gall bladder and do the work on my stomach, and if my liver is too large they can’t do either. An extreme weight change will cause changes in your liver, weight loss causes it to shrink and weight gain causes it to expand (obvs) and so he wants me to lose some weight to make sure it’s as small as it can be for the surgery. So lose is what I am trying to do. Forget the fact that we have family in for 2 weeks, next week I’m going to Maryland, and then the week after that is my surgery. NEVER MIND that my family loves to eat and eat is what we do. But it’s just a taste of what is to come, except that my stomach isn’t the size of an egg right now and can hold much more than the few ounces it will be able to hold in a few weeks. 

Brad and I are approaching our two-year anniversary and it’s kind of unbelievable. So much has changed in the last 2 years, our lives are so much different. We have lost and gained friendships, we have gained a child, we have grown in love and the knowledge of who each other is. Life is good and I’m content. Now, time to get out all of my clothes sizes 24 all the way down to size 13 and imagine what life is going to be like over the next year. It’s what keeps me up at night 🙂