A month? Seriously? An entire month has gone by since my last post?? Wowzers.

I had my preop appointment on Wednesday and it went really smooth. I didn’t have to meet with the anesthesiologist because I’m in great health right now and I’ve never had a problem with anesthesia before. I had my blood drawn and went over a few things with the preop nurse and that was that. Then we went to Whole Foods and bought some yummy delicious organic baby food for Autumn. So that was fun.

Last week, Wednesday I think, Autumn started crawling!! No more rocking back and forth, this girl is in full motion. I really love it for her that she can go wherever she wants (mostly), but since we live in such a small townhouse (wouldn’t be small if it was a rancher, but since it’s two-story, well…yeah) she really doesn’t have a lot of  space to move around. We had been going to my mom’s a lot since she has a lot of space and french doors to close off the “don’t touch” areas, but since she is out of town this week Brad has been stuck with her here at home. I will be so thankful when we are able to get everything paid off and can move into a house that we want. This mortgage is just so insanely affordable for us right now that it would be the biggest mistake of our lives to not take advantage of the opportunity to pay everything off before we move. Plus we need more equity to make the sale of our townhouse worth it to begin with. So there is that.

I’m looking forward to the few days off work that I will have to recover from my surgery, if for no other reason than work is infiltrating my thoughts, a lot. When I had my EGD done last month and I was under that twilight sleep stuff, the nurse said I kept talking about work and the forms that needed to be filled out (never mind that I talked about the blog I write for church and my own blog….embarassing really). And then, Brad said that in my sleep one night I asked him how to spell his last name for the access code form he had filled out. Aye yay yay. I need a break from forms apparently. I still think that my mom beat me out with her latest sleep incident. She totally leaned over my dad in the middle of the night and yelled “No! You get that out of your mouth!” like she was talking to Autumn or something, ha!! I mean, asking my husband how to spell his (and mine!) last name is really pretty hilarious…but telling my husband to spit something out of his mouth is pretty wonderful too.

Surgery is fast approaching and my mind is consumed. I think because I saw Brad go through it already and witnessed the pain and tough situations, I’m really having a difficult time. Every time I get nervous though, I try to block it out by thanking God for being so awesome. It usually works and reminds me of the other situations of friends around me that require more attention than mine. We had a team from church go to Ecuador for a missions trip this past week and one of the team passed away while there. It’s been a really tough situation and the funeral is going on as I type this. That is just one of the situations that I think about and pray for when I’m trying to preoccupy my mind.

Starting on Saturday I am going to do a liquid diet so that my liver will be small enough to operate on Wednesday. A drastic loss of weight will cause the liver to shrink, so that’s what I’m going for. The only real meal I’ll be eating is a salad tomorrow night and my “last supper” Sunday after church. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I figure it’s the best way to guarantee I will be ready for surgery and that the surgeon will have access to my stomach and gallbladder. If he doesn’t, than I get put on a liquid diet anyway and they reschedule my surgery. So I’m pretending they already tried, and failed and  blah blah blah.

Life is good. Brad had his year follow-up from his bypass, he is 192 lbs, down 149 total and feels and looks incredible. Autumn is growing up so fast and is right on track, if not ahead, in her development. I am having my surgery next week and will be on the road to a happier healthier me. I’m counting my blessings while I have them, like the Johnson’s have recently experienced, you just never know when it’s your day to go home.