It’s 2 days after surgery and I’m home. I’m so happy to be home. My pain is manageable, aside from the incision that the “pain ball” was removed from. There has been so much pain the past 2 days that I have sworn off surgery for the rest of my life. But I honestly feel much better today.

I have 5 incisions; 4 for the actual procedure, 1 for the site drain, and 1 for the pain ball (awesome invention, horribly painful to remove). The procedure incisions do not even hurt a little bit, so that’s good. I’m drinking my water, broth, protein drinks, and slurping jello and I literally have no desire to eat right now. The protein drink is incredible and totally hitting the spot.

Having surgery at my place of work wasn’t so bad for the most part. But apparently I had offended one of my nurses at some point in the past few years because as soon as she found out who I was, she started treating me horribly. The other nurses were so nice and told me they really appreciate all I do at my job. So that felt good.

It’s unbelievable how much Autumn has grown in two days. She imitates “duck”, “num nums”, and is clapping. She also has started scrunching her nose and doing that breathing in and out thing babies do while their nose is scrunched. She has 4 teeth about to pop through on top. I’m not joking. She is also making either a “kiss” noise, or she is trying to imitate the fish face, but we can’t decide which one. Regardless, it’s adorable.

I’m so grateful for the friends and family that have supported me through this whole thing. I guess I forgot that my support system is as big as it is. There are so many good friends and family that have loved on me and care about me, and that feels really good. Not to mention my incredible husband who takes care of me and encourages me, he’s amazing.

I’m just so happy for everything this surgery is doing for me so far. This is truly just the beginning of the journey to a healthy and happy life and I couldn’t be more excited. So if you ask me? Surgery is already a success.