It has been an entire month since I had my operation. That is just pure insanity right there. I had my month follow-up appointment yesterday and I’m right on track. I’ve lost 22lbs and I was cleared for full diet (except salad, which I can try next week and dry meats…which are off-limits anyway). So last night for dinner I had meatballs made out of ground chicken, for breakfast today I had cereal, and for lunch today I am having crackers with chicken salad. I. Feel. Normal. Again. Granted, my portions are like…tiny, but that is the entire point of the surgery. So it’s all good.

I’m feeling really great, and I really do feel like I have lost some weight. I guess it just depends on what I wear whether I notice or not. I am just looking forward to when I can start wearing pants out of my “next size down” pile. That will be exciting.

Autumn has 6 teeth and is almost walking. Almost. She is getting a lot more stable standing on her own, and she can push things around the room, but won’t try to walk on her own. I have never documented this I don’t think, but now is a good time, especially since it hasn’t changed and she does it more and more now. When Autumn puts her binky in, or if someone else puts it in, she immediately turns it upside down so that the rounded bottom part of the binky is on her top lip sitting just below her nose and the curvy top part of the binky (curved to allow room for the baby’s nose, ironically enough) curves right around her little “Brown chin”. She does this without fail, and everyone loves it and laughs. They take her binky out on purpose just to put it back in and watch her flip it. It’s good stuff.

Today is a fairly slow day at work and I’m out of books to read. Amy normally keeps me nice and stocked on good books to read, but I’m all caught up so she doesn’t have any more to let me borrow. I put a status out on FB that I needed Fiction today and a very generous coworker who is off today offered to drive here and bring me a bunch of books. Included in those books are the Twilight series. I’ve never even had the desire to read these books at all and can’t quite understand the hype surrounding them, so it’s going to be interesting to see if they keep my interest enough to read them all the way through. My cousin definitely let me borrow these before, but that was a long long time ago and I never even got to start reading them. Have you ever read them? Did ya like ’em?

The next book on my “to buy” list is Sons of Encouragement, by Francine Rivers. She is by far my favorite writer and I read her Lineage of Grace series and absolutely loved it. I can only imagine that the Sons of Encouragement books will be just as good. I was reading reviews and saw that some people said their non-book-loving husbands actually read the series and really got into it. So now Brad wants to read it too, which is great. So yeah, as soon as we get some extra dough, it’s mine allll mine from Amazon. I promise you this much, I will own every book she has ever written and lovingly place them on the shelves of my future home library one day. ONE DAY, I say.