Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I am addicted to the scale.

*sigh* I always used to get on Brad for weighing every day because I told him it wasn’t healthy for him and the number would be more satisfying if he would just weigh once a week or once every 2 weeks. And without fail I would hear him slide the scale out of the closet onto the bathroom floor and weigh, every single morning.

And then I had surgery. And I’m just as bad as he is. And I can’t help myself.

The floor upstairs is vinyl (linoleum maybe?) and you can move the scale all across the bathroom floor and get different numbers. So we decided to move the scale downstairs to the kitchen floor instead. This was great for getting consistant numbers, but not great for remembering to weigh in the morning. I mean, it worked out because it helped with my addiction to the scale, but it was frustrating weighing at the wrong time during the day or going  a couple of days without weighing, or weighing with a heavy shirt or hoodie on.

Well, 2 weeks in a row the number did not move. That.Is.Not.Cool. You do not have a drastic surgery for weight loss to see the scale not move 1 number in 2 weeks, especially only 4 months post op. Next thing you know, the scale starts giving this error message and it appears that the battery is dead. Well, those batteries cost about as much as buying a new scale…so we have been waiting. And the wait is about killing me. Because for 3 weeks now I have not been able to weigh. My aunt let us borrow her scale, but the weight appears to be about 10-15lbs off and it had me gaining 2lbs from the last time I weighed and Brad seeing numbers he hasn’t seen in…a long time. !!!!! Uh uh, no way girlfriend. So we are done with that scale. But the anticipation is killing me.

The last time I got a successful weight I had lost 54, so I am fully hoping to be at least minus 60 or more by the time I get to weigh again. If that ends up holding true, than I will be 20lbs away from my “marriage weight”. That would totally rock my socks off. I am excited to be wearing clothes that I wore before when mom and I were losing weight 3 years ago. My mom always notices when I’m wearing those clothes too since we went shopping together all the time back in those days and it feels good to have it pointed out. I have a huge trash bag full of clothes sitting in the corner of my room that has a bunch of clothes I wore during the time I dated Brad. I go through the clothes with fond memories of different moments in our relationship and I cannot wait to be able to wear those again.

This journey has been an odd one. I want to say it has been a challenge, but at the same time it feels so effortless that it feels wrong to call it challenging. I would not take back any of this, it has all been worth it and it’s only going to get better. I’m so glad I made this choice.

Now if only me and my scale can right our relationship I’ll be back in Happy Camp!