Next week is Thanksgiving. We pretty much always have the same menu because of picky eaters, but it’s always a lovely menu and for the last week my mouth has been watering at the thought of a delicious pile of mashed potatoes, topped with sauerkraut and some gravy drizzled on top. My mouth is literally FULL of DROOL right now. I KNOW, it’s terrible (I have Jill to thank, her Facebook status was asking everyone what their favorite Thanksgiving dish is).

My brother and his girlfriend and her kids are all coming up for the day and we are going to enjoy a tasty day full of good food and good company. Brad and I watch Food Network pretty much non stop (gluttons for punishment) and we saw this incredible banana pumpkin pie that Tyler Florence made and  when Mom asked me to make a dessert (glutton for punishing) I got really excited about making it. Until this very moment, when I went to look for the recipe to link to it, and it’s nowhere to be found. SERIOUSLY?! That’s okay, I found this other website for bariatric eating and they have some straight up drool-inducing recipes there too, so it’s all good…all is not lost (dumb WordPress is not letting me link, it’s actually probably dumb work that’s not letting me link, but whatever it is, is dumb).

The best part about this holiday for me is that it’s on a Thursday, which means because my boss is pretty much awesome…I have Friday off too. Without even having to ask for it. 4 day weekend, woohoo!

So, let’s get some mouths drooling….what is your favorite Thanksgiving staple?

And, what are deals are you planning to splurge on for Black Friday?