Thanksgiving was a success and we are now full swing into the Christmas season! We only have 2 presents left to get and our shopping is done! Wrapping is another story….

This Christmas is going to be so exciting. Brad and I were able to get presents for eachother this year, and Autumn knows how to open presents now and is just in awe of the tree and lights and everything that everyone loves about the holidays. Last year was her first Christmas technically, but it feels like this is her first Christmas since she understands things a little bit more.

She is growing so fast and I am loving her at this age. The temper continues to grow and really kind of blows my mind sometimes, but she is such a happy girl most of the time that the trade off is worth every bit. She loves to dance and makes me laugh with the things she does. She is starting to say more words and seems to understand a lot more than she can say herself…she is just so smart.

Life is just passing along. Work continues. Autumn is growing constantly. Friends come and go, but thank God they are coming more than they are going these days. Some days it feels like this cycle will never end and other days I’m so happy and ready to pass the days by slowly and laid back. I know why the Bible talks about our lives being just a mist, a vapor…it’s here one minute and gone the next. I am enjoying my new hobby of sewing. It gives me something to invest my time and effort into and it makes me feel so close to my Grandma Kay. I am learning, and get so frustrated with projects some times, but it steals my thoughts and gives me rest and I’m grateful that I’ve finally found something for me. Sometimes my brain just needs to stop, and sewing does it for me.  For now, that’s all I’ve got.